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The state of Arizona protects every bird. But English sparrows, European Starlings, and most importantly rock doves also commonly known as pigeons are the only non-protected birds. The pigeons are not protected for many reasons. One of them is that they are generally considered as a pest in the state and are very much abundant. These birds can be a very nuisance. They can spread certain diseases and can filth-out the area by their droppings. There are many general aspects of pigeon hazards but this article specifically deals with solar protection and solar panel cleaning Surprise AZ.

Pigeon Problem

The state of Arizona is dealing with a great pigeon problem. They are often considered as flying rats. Their droppings can carry some major diseases like E. coli, encephalitis, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis. The major symptoms in all of these diseases include nausea, fever, cramps, drowsiness, headache, decreased respiratory function, chills, abdominal discomfort, and flu-like symptoms. Pigeons also carry mites and fleas and it is most recommended to wash your hands after cleaning their droppings. If left untreated, these diseases can cause some serious problems.

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Solar Panel Protection

With the excessive pigeon problem, the most important issue that comes across now is the issue with the solar panels. The newbie technologies, like solar panels, are growing day by day. These panels are providing shelters for most adaptable species like pigeons. The solar panels radiate heat and keep these birds warmth. Pigeons build nests under and around solar panels and can easily damage the wiring and sometimes the panels themselves. Bird debris can also greatly reduce the effectiveness of these panels. A single pigeon can produce about 15 kg of fouling per day. Their faces are corrosive can damage even roofs. If you are handling such problems and looking for solar protection Surprise AZ then you have surfed to the right spot. Shortly we will specify the best company for this purpose.

Best Pigeon Control Services

Many companies provide pigeon control services in the area but none is like Professional Pigeon Control. This company is licensed by government authorities to work for pigeon control in the state of Arizona. They have certified and highly trained and efficient teams that provide quality of service every time. They have experience in this field for many years and have earned a sparkling name in the area. Their customers have always recommended them to their loved ones just because of their best services. They know how to handle every pigeon problem. They have specialized cages for the protection of solar panels. These cages keep out pigeons but don’t affect the quality of sunlight. Many other different strategies can be applied for pigeon extermination from your property. They apply proper techniques depending upon the nature of your property and problem.

Traits of Good Service Company


The company must be licensed and authorized.


The staff must be certified and trained.


The rating must be very high. It must also be a recommended company.


Experience matters a lot. The team must have the proper experience of handling such conditions.


The company must be cost-effective as well as fast and punctual.

Other Services

They also provide many other services related to pigeon problems. They eliminate nesting sites to prevent further nesting and reproduction. Solar panels are cleaned both from the top and beneath to remove any faces and nest matter. They apply metal galvanized screening. It nearly eliminates roosting and nesting of pigeons. Furthermore, they apply bird spikes to reduce additional reproduction and nesting of these creatures. In short. Professional Pigeon Control has a proper solution for every pigeon problem and offers the best strategies. They are best known for solar panel cleaning Surprise AZ and in surrounding areas. Call them now to book their services for booking for a quick and free analysis.

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