Our Limoges Boxes Are Valuable Nowadays?

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How can you determine the worth of items that have held such a high significance in the pages of history? The correct answer is that you cannot, under any circumstances, place a tag of importance on any such item. Here’s why we deem the Limoges boxes to be invaluable:

Their Significance in History

 Limoges boxes were put into production by the orders of the Finance Minister of the King of France, Louis XVI. This order gave Limoges the exclusive right to create these exquisite boxes, as depicted by the name. Reserving this right to one place made this item one that sparked interest in millions and made it inherently more attractive. People in the country sought after these boxes, and people abroad craved to be able to possess these beautiful, intricate pieces of art.

The boxes come in various shapes and sizes, with multiple artworks painted on their surfaces or created on them as a part of their porcelain body. This puts them to multiple uses, whether to store important items such as portraits of kings or queens, place important letters in it, secure your jewelry in it or more. Back then, people preferred keeping a poem or a piece of hair in the boxes, placing an item of importance and spiritual beauty inside a box of immense beauty as well, basking in the poetic significance of such an act. Even Napoleon I appeared to be a collector, possessing multiple Limoges boxes.

These boxes have gained more importance over the years and it will not be a stretch to state that they are some of the most beautiful items of handicraft created anywhere in the world, over the long course of human history, and hence, are worth covering.

Limoges boxes are irreplaceable and awe-inspiring in their beauty and construction, and will always be held in high regard in professional interior design as well as in the eyes of the people who appreciate art.

Their Rigorous Production

Limoges boxes may seem to be quaint and delicate items that do not require much effort in their production, but that is a completely wrong notion. They require a lot of work put into them in order to produce the perfect box.

The porcelain of the boxes is made with immense hard work. The producers first make a mixture for the porcelain mold. This is fired at different temperatures for different time periods until the product produced is just perfect. The exquisite nature of these boxes makes this stage extremely hard, as the boxes being produced are not all alike, differing in size or structure, making them more appealing to the public.

This is not where it ends; the boxes are then sent off to the artisans, who paint all them by hand, putting in a lot of time and effort. The delicacy of their patterns and the minute details are not easy to place on the boxes and a full measure of the effort put into this can, perhaps, never truly be determined by one. Each coating of paint is tempered at various temperatures as well until completed. The end of the production leads to a final heating process, at around 1400 degrees Celsius in order to ensure that the porcelain attains a fine composition and is truly unique.

Some boxes are also incorporated with gold, or tinges of gold mixed in the paint. The metal hinges placed on the boxes are, apart from that, the only item that is not porcelain.


As you can see, this process is arduous and reflective of the effort placed into them should one truly appreciate art. They are irreplaceable and people can only make their homes more beautiful by buying these Limoges boxes, as opposed to anything else. They are completely, and surely worth the money.

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