Open Doors to Stouffville: Things to do this weekend

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When it comes to travelling, you have to close your eyes and just let your feet decide what place they want to go.

Many towns and cities are divided into categories. The old and new, fun and artistic or some even good for meditation and the quiet, such places always tend to attract more people. In the charming Greater Toronto Area, you will get to see some of the amazing towns.

On the coordinates of Southern Ontario…

Each town has its fantastic features and to be honest, you will love to visit every single one of them.

Such is the town of Stouffville, just in the north of Toronto, a part of the Greater Toronto Area. Being one of the fastest communities in Canada there’s a lot to see in this small town.

A historical walk

If you are into quiet walks, then the 16th– century village, Jen Baptiste Laine Site, is just the right option. But even to reach here one needs to hop on Stouffville airport limo and well you will love the feel of fresh air.

It’s a self-guided tour where you can even touch the displayed items. This museum oriented filed is open to visitors all day long. Staff is pretty much friendly and why not volunteers some of your skills? Quite a community in itself before the arrival of Europeans is also famous as the archeological site.

Get a taste of Applewood Farm Winery

Getting your hands on the fresh stock of apples, yet to be picked from its resting place is all for yours to take. Why not pick your strawberries, apples and pumpkins and give yourself a little treat? There’s even a small playground with wagon rides and a water pump, along with a small gift shop that counters the finest baked good items.  With a fine collection of fruit wines, ciders and meads, this place are super friendly, and well a smart picking spot as well.

You can prepare a gift basket for the upcoming family events in light of Christmas even! Just count your lucky stars, because this farm is open till 22 December!

Choose your Tree

With winter comes the arrival of pumpkin pies, jingle bells and most importantly The Tree. It’s not just any tree we are talking about; it’s the tree of the year! Choosing a Christmas tree is much like the annual shopping spree.

The Horton Tree Farms has been quite popular in demand, for the annual Christmas Tree Harvest Festival. The fresh air and excitement will do some good for you. Dress appropriately for the occasion, because it is really cold! And get to choose your favourite tree before the trees run out and you can fit it in the trunk of the Stouffville airport limo. Why not all fit in one ride?

Burn some Calories while Hiking

Gained calories with all trick and treating or eating the yummiest turkey? Well if you can tolerate the cold, then York Regional Forest Oak Ridge has a wonderful trail. Lightly trafficked loop trails are just near the Stouffville town. So you can easily go there and enjoy nature to its fullest. Some of us have the eye for flowers and beautiful wild nature.

Well, this is a perfect chance for you to enjoy the hike, walk or even bird watching.

Stouffville fireworks

Another traditional day at Stouffville Strawberry Festival can add up in your list of things to do in Stouffville. A strong rural agriculture day can be fitted for the day right? This carnival is loaded with games and ceremonies. Taking place on Main and Park Street, you can easily get a ride and visit the carnival. There’s a pretty load of contests, games, music and entertainment!

But hold your horses! You still have to wait for strawberries. Just until July and it’s a promising affair of strawberry you won’t regret it.

What are you thinking now mate?

Stouffville may not sound like New York or the other bigger competing cities, but then it never had. Why not spend this weekend exploring the town and let it bedazzle you in a Stouffville way. Stroll at any time of the year and be stunned with a fresh sight and a fresh might.

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