Need Quick Money? Here’s How A Pawn Shop Could Help You

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We’ve all been at a point in our lives when we’ve needed a hint of quick cash to get us through our daily antics. Whichever emergency you need to deal with, a pawnbroker could easily help you opt-out of your situation with the help of a simple loan with respect to the item you’re willing to offer.

While looking for a pawnshop that offers low-interest rates, it is also important to offer the right objects in order to receive as much cash as you can immediately. Some items that can help you in getting some quick cash are:

  • Collectibles: Collector’s items (especially coins and types of currencies) are one of the best items to pawn. Vinyl, action figures, comic books, and antiques can all help you get a quick fix if you need some money. Not only can you declutter your home a bit, but also get a profit in return. 
  • Electronics: Most electronics, exclusively laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, are some of the appliances that can get you the top dollar. Laptops like MacBooks, Alienware; Smartphones and tablets of Samsung and Apple are amongst the recommended brands of products that are most likely to get you money. 
  • Designer items: Designer fashion items like clothes and handbags also fall under this category. They are one of the top items that are pawned by women by falling under a total supply of 66%. These items are much more popular since it is always best to buy used clothing rather than brand new. 
  • Vehicles: Several pawn shops have begun accepting cars and other vehicles as the central point of a loan. By pawning your car, boat, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, or even jet ski, you can receive an instant loan with interest from a pawn shop.
  • Watches: Watches with the right brand and a proof of authenticity are capable of giving you $500-$1000 instantly. To prove authenticity, the original paperwork of the watch is recommended. is a pawn shop that equates itself as a medium for collateral loans. They follow deals exclusively between the price point of $1,000-$100,000, which allows you to deal with a huge sum of money in accordance with the item you’re offering. They deal with high-end electronics, cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, jewelry, etc. and help you receive a high-priced loan with a highly discounted interest rate.

After you have decided on an object of value, the rest of the process is quite simple. Find a pawn shop you can rely on. Simply go to the search engine of your preference and type in a ‘pawn shop near me’ to see your nearest and best options that you can visit. Once you have a pawn shop to go to, the process is a simple 3-step ladder.

  1. Present the item that you’re hoping to pawn

After you show the customer service representative the item you’re planning to pawn, they’ll be able to price the value of your item according to your satisfaction.

  1. ID card

Once you’re satisfied with the money you’re being offered in exchange for your product, you only need to present an ID as your legal proof of identification. Most pawnshops only deal with the direct owner of the object at stake only.

  1. Take your money and go home!

After the procedure has been followed through and the required documents have been signed, you can receive the money you need and easily make your way home.

DD Pawn Loans even offer at-home services for those who are unable to travel to the pawnshop themselves. With an inspection of the product, they will give you an offer and you can choose to go through with it dependant on your satisfaction levels.


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