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When Satoshi rubbed the magical lamp of Blockchain, a genie named Bitcoin came out in 2008. Though it remained hidden with no media exposure for many years, finally after 2017 it started showing its magic tricks in the form of increased Bitcoin prices up to $20,000. Bitcoin is exactly like one of those Theo James movies, wherein the protagonist emerges without giving any inkling of its rise. Since the day of the launch of Bitcoin, it remained a mystical confusing concept for the majority of the community. People even find it monotonous to read about the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology so the crypto community or enthusiasts find out the ways to spread the word about the crypto ecosystem. So, if you are a beginner and wish to learn about one of the trending technology in a fun and interesting way, then you had landed on the right article as I am going to tell you about some of the crypto movies and documentaries which can clear your concept and understanding.

Review Of The Crypto Movies | Blockchain Movies

So, now when you have realised that Blockchain is one of the strike-through innovation after the world wide web and cryptocurrency might be treated as the alternative for fiat currency, get ready with some caramel popcorns and cheesy nachos to explore some of the crypto movies.

Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto with the aim to revolutionise the financial transaction system. Being the first one in the crypto industry, it still trades with hight market capitalisation. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is the documentary which sums up the story of Bitcoin’s popularity. It advocates about the reasons which led to the adoption of Bitcoin among masses through the help of interviews conducted with a number of companies and the crypto enthusiasts which are involved in the crypto movement. This documentary consists of the stories of early adoption of Bitcoin like that of Gavin Andresen who communicated directly with Nakamoto. Thus, the course of evolution of Bitcoin is summed up in this movie.


Life On Bitcoin(2014)

Have you ever think of not paying in cash or credit cards? Have you imagined a world in which everything can be purchased using crypto can be portrayed in crypto movies? If you love the frictional world having the potential of true future, then this movie “Life on Bitcoin” could be for you. This documentary is about a couple, Austin and Becky, who plans to live their life using the Bitcoin-only with no bank accounts, no cash and no other fiat currency. The crypto movie is all about a social experiment where a couple shares the journey of 100 days with Bitcoin and paying everything in Bitcoin.

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Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

Trust Machine is one of the Blockchain funded, Blockchain distributed and Blockchain focussed documentary ever made. Trust machine: the story of Blockchain unveils the journey of cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology and decentralisation in an interesting manner. As per the reviews, the movie describes the role of technology in addressing the real-world problems, for instance, hunger, income inequality and many more. It was the first movie which was funded by cryptocurrency which was quite conventional portraying the fact that the crypto can be utilised in the funding of the entertainment industry.

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It (2015)

Torsten Hoffmann created Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It in 2015 to explain the impacts of Bitcoin in disrupting the traditional financial system. This movie tried to show the time travel of cryptocurrency from its origin in Wall Street era. It was a jargon-free documentary which even suited for common people who does not know about the Bitcoin. As per the critics, some of the scenes of the movie blatantly raised the questions related to the monetary system and the behaviour of people towards it. The movie was created after interviewing the number of Blockchain experts and influentials which proves that it is not something fictitious but based on real incidences.

Banking On Bitcoin (2016)

Banking on Bitcoin is somehow similar to the movie mentioned above, “Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” but covers the larger paradigm and shed more light on the benefits of Bitcoin on society. The movie has comprehensively covered the various real-life implications like that of intrusion of crypto coins in the banking system; arrest of Charlie Shrem who was accused of laundering $ 1 million and many more. One of the famous quotes from the movie was “ Early adopters make the roads that we all travel. The first guy through the door gets shot. But somebody’s gotta go through the door.”

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Bitcoin Big Bang (2018)

The crypto space is growing gradually along with the sophisticated hacking techniques utilised for cybercrimes. Bitcoin Big Bang is about one of the infamous cyberattacks on Mt. Gox (Bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo) which was one of the famous exchange handling almost 70% of Bitcoin transaction that time. This movie shows you about the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with crypto marketplace and indirectly signals you about the areas which need to be specifically taken care of while trading and investing.

I Am Satoshi (2015)

Blockchain awards (yes! They do exist) titled “Most Creative Video” to the documentary named as I am Satoshi (an eye-opener title) among many cryptos movies. This movie beautifully gives insights into the world of Bitcoin differentiating the crypto marketplace form the traditional banking system. This movie with amazing cinematography showed the details of the crypto space.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017)

Magic money tries to tell the magical story of Bitcoin which have the potential to turn the society along with changing their habits of transaction and mode of payment from fiat to crypto. With the slang free easy language, the movie helps you in understanding the basic concepts of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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Wrapping Up

Crypto movies will surely offer you the opportunity to get self-educated and ponder about the cryptocurrency which has been slowly adopting by the people across the globe. Documentaries will surely allow you to think about the different perspective and the issues related to fiat currency which might be minimalised by using cryptocurrency or Bitcoins. Thus, I hope after reading the reviews you might end up in watching at least two or more crypto movies.

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