List of Most Fascinating Flower Festivals Held Across The World

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Every year, beautiful flowers bloom up and fill the world with colors. Spring is the best time when flowers are open to their fullest, and you get to witness their beauty. Not only spring, but every season has its own set of seasonal flowers. Don’t you agree that irrespective of the season they belong to, each and every flower species is beautiful? And that is why the whole world celebrated them. Yes, I am talking about the festivals that people celebrate to honor the presence of flowers. 

You know there are festivals of flowers organized in various parts of the world every year. The festivals showcase the beauty of nature and local cultures with some other aspects of entertainment. Once you witness these festivals, you will understand why flowers are considered so beautiful and gorgeous and why people still send flowers to Mumbai as gifts to their dear ones. So, if you too are a nature admirer like me, then here is a list of fascinating flower festivals that will amaze you. Pack your bags because you are going to visit some of the biggest and the best flower festivals around the world. 

Let’s begin with the list.

Floriade, Australia

Floriade Festival is the biggest and the best flower festival in Australia. The festival is held in Canberra, Australia. This festival is held from 15th September to 14th October, annually. Yes, you have a full month to raid this festival. Still, looking for a reason to go? Well, You get a display of fresh flowers, food, and entertainment.

But most importantly, flowers. Yes, the festival promises a display of over one million fresh blooms for 30 days. Also, there are night fests, a four day after the dark event that displays illuminated flower arrangements, live music, and open cinemas. I think you got enough reasons now. 

Pasadena Rose parade, united states

Here come the united states on the list. Yes, the united states are also home to one of the biggest flower festivals in the world. The festival started back in 1890 and is celebrated with full enthusiasm to date. Every year on the occasion of the new year, the streets of Pasadena, California, are filled with floats that are loaded with roses, horse riders, and music bands. The parade attracts thousands of onlookers. It’s a tradition more than it is a festival in the states. Yes, it is an American New Year tradition. 

Chelsea flower show

Next on the list is the Chelsea flower show that is held in the united kingdom. This festival has been into existence since 1862 (yes, it is that old), and people still enjoy the festival. And why wouldn’t they? The festival is one of the most prestigious flower show in the world, and it showcases some of the most extravagant flower displays. You’ve got to visit it once in your lifespan. It even prides itself on leading the way to some innovations in garden designs. If you are planning to visit, the festival is held in royal hospital Chelsea, and it is a four-day event. 

Batalla de Flores, Spain

Another flower festival that you should definitely shouldn’t miss is this one held in Spain. It is known as Batalla de Flores. You might have heard about it as the flower battle. It is a floral parade accompanied by fireworks, open-air cinema, and concerts. The festival started around 1908 and has celebrated the mark of a month-long event in Spain. The main reason behind this festival is to try and convince the local people to stay in the city of Valencia in the month of summer. The crowd pelt flowers on the women in the parade and those women are equipped with tennis racquets to defend themself. That explains why it is called flower battle. 

This is a list of some famous flower festivals that you should definitely visit once in your lifetime. They are totally worth your time. See, flowers are honored like this around the globe, and you were just stuck to online flower delivery in Hyderabad? So, Hurry up, what are you waiting for, some of these flower festivals are already lined up to be celebrated. 

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