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Crypto space is expanding in all the dimensions, in terms of trading volume, market capitalization, and also in terms of new products and services. When a new project is being released in the market, the crypto community may not outrightly show their support or accept it(unless backed by a reputed company or something is given in free!). So, to bring the new projects in the mainstream and reach the community for better adaptability, several tactics or marketing tools have been deployed in crypto space. Unlike the traditional schemes of giving discounts and offering free samples, crypto industry offers free tokens of the associated new project, known to be as crypto airdrop. Let us just explore one of the approaches of few of the cryptocurrency airdrops which is being used popularly to make the project for gaining the commitment of the crypto community. Along with it, this article will also list out some of the latest airdrops of present time where you can sign in to claim your tokens.

What Are Cryptocurrency Airdrops?

What is cryptocurrency airdrop

If you want to know everything about cryptocurrency airdrops, then the first question that will obviously pops in your mind- What are cryptocurrency airdrops? Airdrops are steadily becoming an integral part of the crypto sphere but still the concept is a little bit tricky to understand. In a simpler way, for many projects, it can be understood as the approach to rewarding the customer base for supporting their ideas. In crypto terms, airdrops are distribution of free utility token to customers who are supporting particular ICO project. (ICO is not mandatory though!). If ICO is a fundraising tool then cryptocurrency airdrop is the marketing tool to gain the back of the majority of the crypto community. One of the interesting fact associated with airdrops is that you can receive the “totally free” tokens sitting anywhere in the world just clearing Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure (for authenticity)

Free Tokens? Are You Serious?

Practically there is a free token distribution for a new project support or Initial Coin Offering. You just need to perform certain tasks like subscribing to their Telegram channel, sharing or liking posts on social media or simply following them on Twitter or follow a predefined link to a specific airdrop. Airdrops can be seen as promotional efforts where instead of traditional free caps and pens, tokens are being airdropped. But these tokens are limited and based on first come first serve basis. Once the projects become popular and token got listed on an exchange, you can easily trade your token and earn profits.

List of Latest Cryptocurrency Airdrops (Updated in May 2020)

List of best cryptocurrency airdrop

Are you looking for the websites to get the information about the few of the cryptocurrency airdrops? Or do you want the information on the new cryptocurrency Airdrop? Twitter and Telegram are two of the most popular sources to get the information related to airdrops. You can also scroll the social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook groups associated with crypto and Bitcointalk forum. In this few of the cryptocurrency airdrops, we tried to list a few of the latest and best airdrops for you.

  • Ethereum powered voice and video application which allows automatic payments from client to contractor. This new project of Ethereum lets you earn from their completely free airdrop.
  • Bitbns: BNS is a multi-protocol utility token launched by one of India’s largest crypto trading platform Bitbns. It targets to enable masses to utilize BNS as the fiat currency. You can easily claim their airdrops by completing the KYC process as it is few of the cryptocurrency airdrops.
  • Ludena Protocol: Ludena protocol aims to provide a gamified social platform to gamers all across the world. With a game-centric ecosystem, feel less virtual item exchange, and P2P gaming platform, Ludena is aiming to get popular initially by dropping free tokens by sending a link to your email account, being Email Required Airdrop.
  • StellarPay: It is a digital token of Stellar Blockchain which interconnects banking system with payment system and people using it.StellarPay aims to distribute 2000XLPG tokens to 500 lucky winners through few of the cryptocurrency airdrops. You just need to complete a few tasks and coins will be dropped in your Telegram account. (Telegram Airdrop)
  • Basic Attention: Token named Basic Attention (BAT)is the Hottest Airdrop which is getting trendy among the crypto community. It is created by the founder of Javascript for facilitating the digital advertising industry. It aims to pay publishers for their content, users for their attention, and advertisers for their ads. As per their Latest Airdrop Distribution rule, you can earn worth $5 of BAT, just by referring a link to your friend.

Every day, one or the other project is being launched in crypto space with a new airdrop. So, the list of latest airdrops keeps on changing depending upon their expiry date. In this article, we name a few of the cryptocurrency airdrops, which are trending in the present situation.

Summing Up

It can be concluded that airdrops are meant to create a buzz among the potential investors by Fintech startups in crypto space. Interested people just need to complete the assigned activities before the expiry date of a particular to claim their free tokens or airdrop. Some of the project directly drop token to your crypto wallet while some are few of the cryptocurrency airdrops which send the link on your account to claim the tokens. Though coin airdrops are considered safe but you should still emphasize on their conditions related to privacy and security. Also, for Best Airdrops, you need to find their legitimate website, whitepaper, and also the vision behind the particular project. few of the cryptocurrency airdrops news sometimes flashes the news related to scams and fraudsters, so you must educate yourself before claiming any airdrop. 

Thus, don’t hesitate to invest your time in airdrops but don’t be in haste to claim the free tokens of any project. Till the time, crypto industry is here to stay, regular airdrops will be offered by startups to raise the funds and to popularize their commitments and ideas to the crypto community.

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