Keep An Eye Out On These Blockchain And Crypto Startups In 2021

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The trend of blockchain platforms is growing across the world very fast. More and more startups are entering into the blockchain business. Blockchain is influencing many-core industries. These industries have various goals and objectives. Although some of the Blockchain startups are scams, others are tremendously successful. This lures the investors for the best blockchain and crypto startups in 2020. All of these startups are still fruitful for investors. 

Blockchain technology has become popular these days because it uses the concept of cryptography which makes it very safe for transactions. Today, the world is facing the problem of data privacy and leakage. Blockchain has come up with a great solution. This blockchain technology’s feature has made it useful for industries like healthcare, travelling etc. According to blockchain advisors, about 10% of the companies will get affected through blockchain technology, making it essential for them to know blockchain startups to know for the future.


List Of Best Blockchain And Crypto Startups

1 Cryptoknowmics

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Cryptoknowmics was founded in 2019 and has emerged as one of the best blockchain and crypto startups. Cryptoknowmics is an online news media portal that covers various aspects of the blockchain and crypto space and shares with its users all the developments in these fields in real-time. It dishes out daily updates on ICOs, IEOs, crypto events, airdrops, and bounties, thereby playing a crucial role in spreading awareness about cryptocurrencies. Also, it has launched several other media portals such as the Crypto Blog and Crypto Forum, which incentivize the users in the form of rewards for participating in their weekly contests. 

2 Lendonomy

LendonomyThis company was founded in Norway in the year 2018. Their project is a peer-to-peer mobile lending network combining augmented reality, social networking, and gamification for adults. It aims to resolve poverty problems and encourage the young generation to support each other by sharing money across the world. Furthermore, the company also educates adults on how to better manage their funds.


3 FieldCoin


FieldCoin was founded in London. It’s a blockchain platform connecting landowners with crowdfunding investors, helping them with faster and cheaper transactions doing the project to be the first decentralized land property management marketplace. Moreover, it is also useful for agricultural crowdfunding projects.


4 LegalNodes

LegalNodesThis company was also founded in London in the year 2018. It is a decentralized platform that provides legal services to corporations that are using cryptocurrencies. The company also advises crypto and ICOs.



5 Authenteq

AuthenteqAuthenteq is unique as it provides a cheap method for verifying users’ id without entering any data, which will improve the privacy issue. The company was founded in Berlin. It has a record of creating verification in a single minute, making it the fastest solution for verification in the market. 



6 Deblock

DeblockDeblock was founded in Korea. This startup uses a blockchain that provides transparent, protected, and decentralized pre-Initial Coin Offerings. Deblock will also plan to start huge investments in blockchain-related projects.


7 Ambrosus


It was founded in Talin in the year 2016. It combines IoT with blockchain technology created for food and pharmaceutical firms. The company also provides a safe and efficient connection between sensors, distributed ledgers, and database for quality assurance optimization and supply chain visibility. 


8 Bitcliq


This startup was founded in Portugal and is the first-ever platform for fish trading using the blockchain technology. Furthermore, as soon as the catch gets registered, the platform allows the immediate purchase of that fish. Bitcliq also provides traceability from catching location to the buyer. This enables the connection between the fisherman and the buyer.



9 Colendi


Colendi is a Zug based company providing a democratized credit scoring evaluation method using blockchain technology, giving users ID that acts as a financial passport across the globe. Also, its goal is to provide greater access to micro-financing to those people who don’t have access to banks​. 


In summary, we saw how the demand of blockchain technology is increasing as cryptocurrencies are influencing today’s market. The technology uses the concept of cryptography, making it a secure digital platform for transactions. The blockchain technology industry is booming according to genuine crypto news and investors are always in the look for the best blockchain and crypto startups to put their money on. Startups like LegalNodes and FieldCoin are providing their services on legal matters and agriculture, respectively. Finally, we can say that blockchain technology will provide a secure way of payment through cryptocurrencies.

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