7 Innovations That are Changing the World for Good

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We’ve lived in the most advanced era of our time. The world is changing at an exponential rate.

Technology is changing the world one device at a time. But it is essential to consider that invention counts a lot. Humans have this ability to control technology and do whatever they want to do with it.

The technology that we’ve already used has changed the way we spend our lives.

In this blog, we will present innovations that changed the world for good. So, the technology aims to use it to do something good.

For decades, geniuses gave us ground-breaking inventions in various fields. More and more inventions are consuming us, altering us, and making us smarter than before.

Let us look at some of the most promising innovations that helped us make our lives better. These are just a few of the thousands of changes that are already there. Maybe these will inspire you to make something of your own. So, let’s start with these amazing innovations.

  • Detect Disease with Paper

Can you imagine a 20 cents paper device that can help you diagnose malaria and HIV in a few minutes? No electricity required!

A Stanford University professor inspired by a whirligig toy developed Paperfuge – a device that can take blood samples just by moving the strings back and forth. The strings spin fast to separate blood from plasma so that it is ready for disease testing.

The fantastic device can prove revolutionary in many countries and save millions of lives in the process.

  • Move your body and get food

UNICEF launched the Kid power app that extends the fitness program for kids and people living in under-developed areas. The goal of the app is to make kids and adults move and as a reward, give them food for it.

Every 2,500 steps will unlock a reward for you, and this reward will enable you to get food for your movement. This is such a fantastic invention by UNICEF. A social service app that is doing well for people without asking for anything in return.

  • Feeling down? Talk to a Bot!

We are living in an era where people feel that suicide is the only option when there is no one left to talk to them. People with anxiety are getting less attention, which is why they opt for killing themselves. Well, not anymore. Woebot will speak to you when no one is there for you. A bot designed to listen to you and give you suggestions on how to make your mood better. The bot is not a replacement for a doctor, but surely this is something that will save tons of lives without costing any life in the future.

  • Solar-Powered Tent

Do you know any homeless people? Do you want to give them a roof? This solar-powered tent can be the perfect gift for them. San Fernando high-school girls gathered together to solve the problem for homeless people, and the result was this fantastic solar-powered tent. The tent is a blessing for people who don’t have a place to live. They can carry this tent around and live wherever they want. Just unwrap the tent and place it on the ground. Let the sun absorb some sunlight, and this tent will be ready to serve you at night. An important invention that is helping people live peacefully without begging for a place to live.

  • Buy a car with Cryptocurrency

Gone are the times when you had to go through a painful process of paperwork and much patience to buy a car. Now, with cryptocurrency, you can buy a car without going through any lengthy procedures. Just buy a car with Bitcoin, and you’ll get your vehicle in a garage without any hassle. Yes, it is true, there are platforms like autocoincars that let you purchase your car with cryptocurrency.

A fantastic invention that is revolutionizing the way we buy cars. It is not just about cars; now you can buy anything with Cryptocurrency. You don’t have to go through the endless process of verifying things because Bitcoin made it easy to pay for everything without giving anyone a chance to steal your personal information or knowing much about you.

  • Glasses for Deaf people

Peri glasses are designed for people who are unable to hear. These glasses can act like an eye. The glasses can alert the deaf people regarding the sound that they hear near them.

If there is any danger, like, car coming towards them, the glasses will alert them, and they can move away for the car to pass.

The glasses are fun to wear. Just like in video games, when the enemy shoots at you, the glasses will point at the danger with an arrow. You can take it as an indication of risk and move away from it.

  • A Wheelchair with a twist

Have you ever wondered how the disabled people will feel if they can stand from a wheelchair?

Laddroller made it possible. Designed by Dimitrios Petrotos, this incredible invention is doing good for people who are not able to stand or walk. After 13 unsuccessful attempts, the designer came up with a successful model. Now, people can move like ordinary people without taking help from anyone around them.

This is such a fantastic invention that is giving hope to people who don’t know whom to share their pain.

Wrapping it up

These are just a few of the inventions that are changing the world we live in. This proves that there are still people who want the best of other people. The devices came into existence because some people felt the pain and did something about it.

Technology is moving fast. But one thing to keep in mind is that technology is nothing without the human brain. If people don’t build technology, there will be no innovation at all. So, we all should give some credit to human intelligence instead of giving everything to technology. Sure, technology is making us efficiently do things, but it is doing so with the help of humans.

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