Identity Verification- a Shield for Gaming Industry against Fraudsters

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Currently, the online gaming industry is huge and players are more enthusiastic than ever. The excessive use of the Internet and mobile devices has led to remarkable development in the gaming industry. With the development of modern technology, the gaming industry has become robust. The identity verification solution can initiate changes in the gaming industry and make it compatible and resilient. 

Artificial Intelligence-based identity verification technology is expected to change the entire world of games and casinos due to its secure and fast ecosystem. In addition, high precision of true positive will not leave gaps for fraud and other illegal activities in the gaming industry. This creates a win-win situation for players as well as for operators.

There are certain dynamics and characteristics of the online gaming industry that have serious failures. This makes the overall platform challenging for players around the world. To create a solid and reliable gaming industry where players feel free and safe to play, these challenges must be addressed.

Issues in the Online Gaming Industry

Several gaps need to be dealt with, for the online gaming platform to be more robust and reliable. The activities of fraud, data theft, no privacy and transparency, cheating, and high transaction fees are some of the main challenges facing the online gaming industry today. 

Other than this, age verification is the most highlighted issue. The platforms that offer age prohibited games need to verify that no violation of their policy is occurring.

Under gaming and gambling compliance, it is a legal requirement in many countries to verify the identity of a customer, especially their age. And it is prohibited for people under 18 years of age to gamble and play some games that have bold content.         

To make it possible online identity verification solutions, which include age verification as well, can help.

How online Identity verification works?

The process of online identity verification is simple. By using camera, the consumer can upload proof of their age. The most popular is using a government-issued ID card and the technology solution will scan this ID document to fetch required details such as age and name of the consumer and verify if the person meets the age requirement for the product. These identity verification solutions also check whether the uploaded document is original or not.

Some ID verification solutions also provide additional ways such as facial recognition for verification. In facial verification, the end-user will upload a government-issued document and a picture of themselves. The system will match the picture on the document with the user’s picture.

Online gaming platforms should verify their customers through online identity verification. During the registration process, users should be validated. To ensure age verification online, the users can be validated against their ID cards. This would help identify that the user is above a certain age limit, and is not a fraudster.

With the increasing pressure from the public and regulatory agencies, it is high time for gaming platforms to protect against misuse and fraud. The failure to do so can disembark businesses with a hefty fine and bad reputation.

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