How to Secure your WordPress E-commerce Site like a pro

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When you are running an e-commerce business, you have to be always very aware and attentive about the data of your clients since they are susceptible, private and should never get disclosed in the open. Your clients entrust you with specific duties and responsibilities, and you are expected to fulfil it along with providing quality service. Now if you are using WordPress website, then you have to be doubly careful because WordPress being the most used website recently, it is easy for hackers to get into your website. If you have a gap in your hosting platform or have a very weak password along with insecure themes and vulnerable plugins, your site is more susceptible to be hacked. You need to secure your website and tighten all the folders to avoid any kind of mishap.

While you are reading about WordPress web development and thinking about doing the WordPress Theme Customization, you can hire a developer to help you meet your needs. But if you want to secure your website yourself (which happens to be quite an easy process), this article will guide you with ten easy tips to keep your WordPress e-commerce site like a pro.

  • While choosing a platform for developing your WordPress e-commerce site, make sure you settle for one which is safe and secured. This step is crucial since this is the first thing you have to do while developing a WordPress site. Amidst the variety of plugins, themes, colours and other superb features being available, do not get carried away and select the one which happens to be actually safe. Also, the WordPress developers put all their efforts into doing proper research to make their website more secure every day. But do not go with the odds and check it for yourself.


  • Understand the necessity of having a secured internet connection when you are checking out online. Make a quick shift to HTTPS from HTTP because it helps insecure the connection between your browser and server, making it harder for any third party to get access to your site. It is required for you to use products that are only SSL certified to protect your database. You have to make your customers build trust in your company, and you have to assure them that nothing will happen to their financial, private data.


  • You should not store sensitive data. You will have thousands of data from your clients with you but be selective, which are the ones you need to save because you really need it. Do not go with saving CVV2 codes or card expiration dates. You can not choose convenience above the security of your clients.


  • While making up the password, make it long, complicated and really unique that can not be cracked very easily. When you are doing the WordPress Web development, ensure your security layer is really strong. Have a long and critical login process and enable automatic check out option after the work is done. Your clients, along with anyone else who has access to the site, have to log in with all the credentials every single time.


  • Have a multi-layered security process. It will ensure the safeguard of your business and the data of your clients as well. Use firewalls and consider to obscure the back end pages for login. Also, set a unique URL id so that it can not be easily traced.


  • Train your employees about the security process. Educate them by conducting frequent meetings and conferences and let them know about the security handles, hacks and breaches that might take place. Upgrade them with every required information related to safeguard of the site at the earliest and train them so that they can deal with it efficiently.


  • You MUST, and you SHOULD update any new version that has been released on the very day. The security updates are provided by the developers to ensure further security to the WordPress sites. Updates versions not only help in enhancing security but also provides a better user experience as a whole.


  • It is wise to invest in backing up your database. Alongside the chances of your website getting hacked, it can also be lost due to sudden breakdown of the system or by any flaw of an employee. Having a backup will save you from all such problems.


  • You have to watch and monitor your website on a regular basis. When you do WordPress customization, it will attract new users. Watch for frauds amongst them.


  • Never risk your website at any cost. If you are not tech-savvy and do not have much idea on how to handle such sites on a regular basis, hire a professional who knows what he is doing. It will safeguard your business, database and the reputation of your firm which will help you get more clients.
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