How to File an Action of Unlawful Termination?

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There are many reasons why you could get fired with Unlawful Termination:

  • You are late for work
  • You are not doing your work properly
  • You took too much time off
  • You failed to finish a project on time due to personal reasons
  • You are a bad coworkers
  • You cannot work in a team
  • You spread false rumors or gossips
  • You discriminated or mistreated someone in your workplace

These are all the reasons for a valid, legal termination. Contrary to legal termination, you could get fired for the “wrong reasons”. If that happens, you are just another victim of Unlawful Termination.

But do not despair; if that ever happens to you, be sure to take the right steps and seek legal help and protection. If you do not have an attorney on speed dial or are not sure who to call, feel free to reach out to Los Angeles employment law attorneys and schedule a free initial consultation (without any legal obligations or hidden costs). Our attorneys will help evaluate your situation and determine the next step for you.

If you are curious how you can file a wrongful termination lawsuit, here are a few steps that will guide you along the way.

Do You Have A Case?

Before you can proceed with your wrongful termination claim, you need to be 100 percent sure that you have a case. That being said, you should start by checking the following facts:

  • Do you believe that you were terminated for the wrong reasons?
  • What reasons did your employer provide you with when terminating you?
  • Are you an “at-will” employee?
  • Were you discriminated against?
  • Were you mistreated?
  • Did you take part in whistle-blowing?
  • Do you believe that your employer retaliated against you?

Once you are done checking the facts, you should consult with Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles and see whether or not you have a case. After carefully reviewing your case, our attorneys will determine what you should do next. 

Note: It does not matter how you were terminated. Until you consult with an attorney, you will not know for sure whether or not you were indeed a victim of wrongful termination.

Do Some Researching

It is important that you know what to expect, as well as who or what you will be dealing with. Every legal case is different and depends on many different circumstances. Employment law is vast and has many complicated legal clauses, which may or may not affect you. That is why you should start by researching the employment law, and learn more about Unlawful Termination, the rights of employees and what you can and should do in case you are terminated.

You can find most of the information online. However, do not hesitate to call an attorney who will explain your rights to you, as well as guide you in the right direction.

Why Were You Terminated?

Did your employer provide you with a reason behind your termination? If so, do you agree with it? Does it reflect your behavior and productivity at work? If you are not satisfied with the reason provided, you should try and identify the “true reason” why you were terminated. Try and speak with your employer or some other superiors that will help provide you with more information. In the meantime, contact the HR department and ask for a thorough explanation related to your termination. If you receive the same answers from everyone, then you should start questioning your actions. However, if at least two of the answers are not the same, or contain more/less information about your unlawful termination, you should start worrying about the possibility that you are indeed a victim of wrongful termination and that there is something “fishy” going on. 

If your employer never provided you with the reason, check your termination letter (if you received one), or the emails from your boss. Look for something that could have motivated your employer to terminate you. If you have any reason to believe that their motivation was discriminatory, contact our Los Angeles Employment Lawyers right away and seek legal help and representation. 

Note: Do not jump to conclusions. Always triple check all the facts before making a final decision.

Filing A Claim

Once you are absolutely sure that you are a victim of unlawful termination, the next step if filing a claim. You can file a claim with a state agency, or with an employment attorney. 

In California, it is recommended to file a claim with the EEOC (the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), a federal agency created to handle cases of employment discrimination. They will provide you with the information about your claim, as well as help you file a claim against your employer. 

Another option is to contact and employment attorney and to file a claim using their help. This way, if your claim is successful, you will get compensation for your troubles. Normally, the attorney may charge you up to 33 percent of the total compensation, or up to 40 percent if your case goes to trial. However, the final sum is not predetermined and can be negotiated. Some attorneys may cover your court costs (filing fees, expert witness fees, court reporter expenses), while others may require you to cover these additional costs. Be sure to always ask your attorney before hiring them.

Our Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles will offer you the best deal, one that you cannot refuse. In addition, you will receive an experienced attorney that will work with you on your case, and help bring your employer to justice. Once your claim is filed, they will take care of everything for you. You will be able to take some time off and look for another job, while someone else is taking care of your claim for you. 

Remember that this is your life and that you should do everything in your power to protect yourself and your rights. The laws and regulations are on your side, and all that is left is to contact an attorney and set things in motion.

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