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Blockchain technology is one of the latest and innovative developments in the digital space. After getting popularised by the introduction of cryptocurrency, blockchain seems to be the promising technology that has the potential to transform the experience of the global economy. The paradigm of technology is not been limited to digital currency but it has been expanding in numerous sectors like that of healthcare, real estate, logistics, gaming, entertainment, and many more. Many enterprises are diligently working to develop their mobile apps based on blockchain technology to improve their efficiency and reinvent the customer’s experience. Also, many of the skilled coders are looking out for the technology to develop something new for the industry. This article can help you to create a mobile app on the blockchain (not coding wise obviously!) and might boost up your confidence to start developing apps.

How To Create A Mobile App On Blockchain? | Lets Chain The Steps

Steps to create blockchain based apps

Before starting to develop an app on Blockchain, you must be clear whether you wanted to develop crypto-based mobile apps( which include digital wallets, DApps, or cryptocurrency) or non-crypto based apps( independent of crypto and intended to utilize distributed database). Let us start exploring the steps you need to follow to create blockchain mobile apps.

Analyze Your Problem, Accordingly Define Goal

You might land upon the idea to create a blockchain-based app if you are facing the problem with your usual system or trying to improve the system. Make sure, before starting the development, you must be crystal clear of the purpose, challenges you are ready to face, cost incurred and of course be sure of the fact that the app can be the best option to improve the experience. 

Select The Right Platform For App Development

As the technology is gaining popularity, there are many platforms available in the market which can facilitate blockchain app development. You need not develop the app from scratch but you can utilize their standards or protocols to make your own app. You just need to consider a few points before selecting the platform like licensing terms, adaptability of the platform, conditions related to updation, type of network, and most importantly ease of accessibility. Most commonly used are: Ethereum, BigChainDB, Hyper-Ledger Fabric, Quorum, and many more.

Design And Configure Your App

You need to create a blueprint of your app and have to decide about some of the points priorly like: Type of model: Hybrid, in-house or cloud-based; Permissions: Limited, permissionless, private or hybrid; consensus mechanism: Proof of work, proof of stake, proof of elapsed time; and also the best option of the stack which compliments the chosen platform. After designing, you need to configure your app with the utmost attention as some of the components might not be altered.

Build Up Application Program Interface(API)

Any of the platform you choose to develop the app, give you the options of pre-built APIs which can be easily customized as per your needs and requirements. You may need to tailor the existed APIs for managing the data verification process, address generation, managing smart contracts, data storage, and for many other tasks. The backend needs to be developed carefully by keeping each and every point in mind.

Creating User Interface and Console Mechanism

Now when the backend has been developed or in process, you have to decide about the intuitive user-friendly interface or front end of the mobile app. It has been recommended to deploy cross-platform mobile app development language, which must be at least compatible with Android and iOS users.

Testing And Improving

You need to test your app before launching the complete version in the market. You could launch an alpha or initial version of your app to identify crashes, latency memory, scalability and storage issues, problems associated with performance, and many more. You can also have some insights from the existing blockchain community by submitting your alpha version on the associated forums. After identifying the issues and having the recommendations, you can launch a few of the improvised versions before the final app.

Blockchain mobile app development is not at all an easy task, but it is not that difficult if you are clear with objectives, have experts with you, and know the path to move.

Benefits of Blockchain-Based Mobile Apps

Benefits of blockchain based mobile app

Blockchain-based applications are embedded with ample benefits that not only ease the transaction process, but helps in the process of authentication, supply chain management, cloud storage, and many more.

  • Transparency: Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain while maintaining anonymity
  • Decentralization: No intermediary to manage transaction, only requires a consensus mechanism
  • Accessibility: Peer-to-peer blockchain-based app runs on the number of nodes backed by the automated system, thereby high availability or accessibility.
  • Security: Cryptographic techniques deployed by blockchain maintains a highly secured network
  • Cost-effective: No middleman, no additional books to maintain records, no device required to trace the transaction and many more reasons make it cost-effective.

Blockchain technology stands out in the modern technological era with a huge number of benefits which helps in easing out the problems associated with enterprises and their services to customers. This technology is not meant only for cryptocurrency, but multinational companies like Microsoft, Dell, IBM, and many more have already started exploring the compatibility of blockchain with their businesses.

Summing Up

It can be concluded that blockchain-based mobile applications can be the near future. It could be possible that the majority of developers of enterprises will look for the responses to-how to develop a blockchain application? Already, few of the popular apps like Spotify, Warranteer, IBM Blockchain, MedRec, Securrency and many more are utilizing the blockchain technology. So, if you had made up your decision to create a mobile app on the blockchain, then you should not step back and start thinking to actually develop it! Blockchain technology with its numerous benefits is here to stay and expected to improve in the future, so getting started a bit early is of no harm! Hopefully, this article on creating the blockchain-based apps will help in boosting up your confidence and help in at least initializing the process.

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