How To Be Environmentally-Conscious On Your RV Trip

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We can’t wait for the coronavirus restrictions to be lifted. We all want to travel to another country, meet new people and reunite with our loved ones. Although all these scenarios are not possible at the moment for most of us, we can patiently wait for new opportunities and hope for a better tomorrow.

Travelling after coronavirus pandemic will make us feel alive. We will be eager to spend more money on social gatherings and holidays, and it’s safe to say that we all deserve it. If you a recreational vehicle, you can use it to get to know your country better and see new places as soon as the coronavirus restrictions are eased. However, RV-travel is not always eco-friendly, which is why it’s advisable to learn how to be environmentally conscious on your next RV trip.

Watch how much water you use daily

Travelling in your RV will urge you to adapt to some uncommon lifestyle changes. That doesn’t have to be bad or alarming, but it can affect you in various ways. If you’re not careful enough, you can create more waste and pollute our environment even more. If you want to avoid these scenarios, you should learn how to live under different circumstances while travelling in your recreational vehicle.

One of the first things you need to monitor is how much water you use daily. You won’t be able to use the same amount of water as you usually would in your house. Prepare enough water for your trip and try to spend as less as possible while showering or going to the bathroom. Try to find water-saving showerheads, and install them in your RV.

Prepare meals in advance

As an RV traveler, you won’t always have the opportunity to prepare food or eat while you’re on the road. Instead of buying fast food or eating ramen noodles for dinner, you should prepare your meals in advance and keep them in your fridge. This method will help you save time, but it will also enable you to provide nutritious food for yourself and your travel buddies.

It can also help you save water and reduce waste because you won’t have to use a new pot to prepare new meals every day. If you have enough space in your vehicle, it’s advisable to grow herbs and spices. They will help you enhance the flavor of your meals. Instead of purchasing spice in plastic containers, take care of a small garden because that is an environmentally-friendly solution.

Keep the indoor area neat and tidy

If you want to spend a few weeks in your RV, you will have to keep it clean. Instead of purchasing snacks that often create a lot of mess, you should start eating more fruits and vegetables and put the peels in your compost pile. Use water and vinegar to clean your RV. It’s advisable to keep useful tools such as automatic hose reel in your storage because you will need them after rainy days. The automatic hose reel will help you wash your vehicle fast, and it will save you a lot of time and water. Don’t use wet wipes for cleaning and purchase only eco-friendly body washes and soaps.

Switch to solar energy

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy, which is why you should consider switching to solar panels. They might be expensive to install, but your investment will pay off. You’ll never have to worry about hot water supply, and you’ll be able to power almost all electronic that you can find in your vehicle. Solar energy does not contaminate water or generate waste, which makes it one of the best eco-friendly solutions for your next trip. If you want to go the extra mile, switch to LED lights as well.


Travelling with your friends in your recreational vehicle sounds like a good plan for the next summer. Keep in mind that you can have a good time while learning how to take better care of yourself and the world around you. Educate others and join forces with your friends if you’re travelling in groups. Together, you will be able to make a small difference that will affect the world in one way or the other.

When RV travelers are not careful enough, they create a lot of waste unintentionally. You can make a conscious choice to avoid making the same mistakes again and start looking for small improvements. Creating more waste should not be an available option if you have the opportunity to be environmentally conscious on your next RV trip.

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