Great Way To Promote Your Brand With Simple Designs And Packaging

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The best packaging design is one that speaks for your brand. It makes your products shine off the retail shelves. The way you design custom printed boxes helps in building a connection with the customers. They determine the level of experience they will have with your brand. In addition to spending time and money on the product design, you should also be careful about how your packaging looks and functions. The custom packaging companies work on minute details to create an attractive packaging design. This not only increases your customer base but your brand awareness and recognition will also benefit. Among hundreds of box packaging ideas, the simple and elegant designs leave an everlasting impression on the customers. They give a distinct identity to your products. Here we are going to highlight some of the great ways to promote your brand by using simple designs and packaging:

Be Minimalistic:

If you want to create a simple yet attractive product boxes packaging, minimalism is an effective approach to implement. Such is especially used for the products which do not require extraneous wrapping and protection. Our modern food industry is highly influenced by this trend. The packaging wholesalers as well as the consumers of today prefer simplicity and avoid overloaded information. Minimalism provides you with clean and finely printed labels without excessive detailing and heavy patterns. It makes your products stand out among an array of package boxes residing on retail shelves.

Give Your Product a Persona:

Your color box packaging is not only a means to deliver the products. Rather it conveys a complete message about your brand. Think of it as a person. This will make you resonate with the target audience more. The way you design your product boxes reflects the customers the quality, value, and experience they are going to get. Potential buyers always notice authenticity which gravitates them to make a purchase. Let us consider the following custom product packaging designed for Torrone candy bars. Each custom printed box seems like a chapter filled with marvelous illustrations. When these bars are places one after the other they form a complete panorama reflecting Sicilian countryside and rich, natural ingredients the manufacturer has used to make the product. This simple illustration style makes customers fell in love with wholesale product packaging. Each custom size box tells a complete story by providing a perfect mix of cultures, arts, and cuisines.

Go for a Natural Color Palette:

The days of bright-colored packaging have gone. To make your product the center of attention the printing and packaging companies should design boxes wholesale by using natural color palettes and earthy tones. Nature-inspired colors give a soothing effect. Generally, such types of custom printed & packaging designs are used to reflect the eco-friendly concern of the manufacturer. You may also go for the tints of brighter colors by coupling them with natural tones to give a wash away effect. Let us take the example of following product packaging boxes for a food item. They are designed by using a natural color palette. A little touch of different colors is made at the front to differentiate the flavors. The same pattern should be followed for designing customized shipping boxes and cardboard packaging boxes wholesale. Maintaining the natural brown color is a good way to show your concern towards nature.

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Use Origami Styles:

Sometimes we come across simple and elegant custom product boxes that take our breath away. The marketing boxes packaging designed in this way looks like an inspiring piece of art. It is perfect to highlight your brand and seems much better than the one designed by using complex patterns and bold colors. One of the most preferably used examples includes cardboard product boxes designed by using origami styles. The packaging box manufacturers work creatively and thoughtfully on their templates. Let us consider these custom round boxes for bath salts. The packaging is tactile, portable, and looks highly fantastic by using an interesting folding pattern. These beauty product boxes are embellished with citrus fruit slices to give a fresh, enchanting display.

Introduce a Simple Floral Pattern:

Using a floral pattern to design product boxes does not necessarily mean that the product is made only for women. Rather it’s a great way to bring particular qualities like elegance and beauty together to create a broad market appeal. The customized cardboard boxes designed by using floral illustrations or mid-century retro designs are perfect for a variety of products. Let us take the example of these custom small boxes for packaging soap. This floral pattern not only looks amazing but it is an interesting way to create a series of similar packaging designs. As soaps come in different scents so you may design product boxes wholesale by keeping basic pattern same and switching the color for a different scent.

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