Fixing Gender Inequality in the Blockchain Industry

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Many researchers have claimed that women can outperform their male counterparts in making better investments. Despite the immense ability that women have in outshining men in investment returns, they don’t have adequate representation in the blockchain space. While their lack of interest in the blockchain domain could be a reason, gender inequality in the blockchain industry can’t be ruled out as a crucial factor for this inadequate representation.

Is There a Deliberate Attempt to Keep Women Out?

The scenario of unsatisfactory women representation in the blockchain domain isn’t any different to their scant representation in all other areas initially like entertainment, politics, technology, etc. Despite significant advancements made by women in every field, the patriarchal mindset continues to hold them back. The blockchain industry is no exception either as there are women team members in only about 14 percent of all blockchain startups.

What Role Can Journalists and Entrepreneurs Play?

In an era when something like the #meetoo movement becomes a global revolution, the absence of women from the blockchain industry is shocking. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, had said famously that in the future, there wouldn’t be female leaders; there would only be leaders. If gender inequality in the blockchain industry is to be indeed eliminated, we need to believe in Sandberg’s vision from our core.

The onus of creating awareness on the need for greater women representation is on journalists and entrepreneurs. Established entrepreneurs can pitch for greater inclusion of women in the blockchain space. Established investors can hire women blockchain advisors to send out a message. Similarly, journalists can use the platforms at their disposal to draw the world’s attention to the inadequate women representation in the industry.

Global organizations have begun to take several initiatives to welcome women into the blockchain space. One such effort is Women in Blockchain, which highlights the achievements of women in the blockchain sector. The objective of this movement is motivating women investors to join the workforce. As such, they might feel encouraged to join some of the recent blockchain jobs.


Some of the steps taken by women groups highlight the incredible role that women have played in the blockchain space. It shows that while many choose to stay behind the curtains, some women have set afoot on the global stage and are justifying their participation with utmost confidence. Rest assured, if this attitude and mindset continue to propagate, gender inequality in the blockchain industry would soon be a thing of the past.

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