Fixing Common Dryer Problems Is Not A Problem Anymore!

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A round of fresh laundry can make your life so much better. Unfortunately, a lot of factors can hinder the normal laundry cycle of any home. One of the most annoying reasons is the malfunctioning dryer. But if you know how to fix a problematic dryer, it gets less annoying. 

DIY attempts save a lot of time taken in confirming appointments and a hefty amount of money. Moreover, you have to bring in some strangers in your house to get your dryer fixed.

 If you want to hire reliable and professional dryer repair services in Washington DC you will have to check the credentials and reputation. Let us look at some ways to fix the dryer problems on your own.

Before You Begin

  • Unplug the dryer machine to remove the power source before you attempt any repairs.
  • Please read the instructions manual before trying any other tip or trick.
  • If you have to replace some parts, write down the model number details.
  • It is important to take detailed notes or pictures of the panels as you remove them. Be extra careful when you are dealing with the wiring and screws.

1. Check The Obvious

Check all the buttons and settings thoroughly to see if the problem lies there. A lot of dryer repair in Washington DC request calls are made in hurry without checking the plugs and cords. 

Ensure that the power supply is adequate before you attempt any DIY repairs. Replace frayed cords and tighten the loose plugs. 

Checking the circuit breaker of your house can also give you an insight into the problem. If the breaker tripped, readjust the power button. If the breakers keep tripping frequently, hire a professional electrician to deal with the underlying grave issue.

2. Clear The Door Switch

A door switch is a component of most of the modern dryer machine. It will keep the dryer from running of the door is not properly closed. If you haven’t cleaned the dryer machine in a while, check the door gasket or switch for any accumulated debris or lint. Clear the build-up to fix the problem.

At times the switch needs replacement. If a thorough cleaning session does not solve the issue, replace the switch according to the instructions provided in the manual by the manufacturer.

3. Replace Faulty Thermostats

Multiple thermostats are working in coherence to achieve desired temperatures in the dryer. Different drying cycles utilize different thermostats. A faulty thermostat is one of the most common causes. You need to test the thermostat so it is important to locate it. 

The cycling thermostat is installed in the venting system or blower wheel housing. It is an oval-shaped structure of about 1.5-inch length. Use a multimeter to test the thermostat. It should give a reading of zero when working fine. Any other reading than that should urge to replace it.

4. Tripped Thermal Fuse

Poor heat or no heat can be due to the tripped thermal fuse. Replacing fuses is one of the easiest repair tasks. It cannot be reset so replacing the fuse is your only option.

5. Replace Broken Or Damaged Belts

If the dryer is making too much noise or tumbling, check for overloading or uneven loading issues. If that is not the issue, get down to the machine belt. Clear the machine of lint.

6. Hire A Professional Dryer Repair Company

The above-mentioned fixes can come in handy but at times, hiring a professional company is inevitable. Make sure to check the reliability, customer reviews and affordability of the company before you hire them.

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