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At the moment, there are around 1.25 billion websites in existence on the planet. That is more than the number of planets in any galaxy, the grains of sand on Bondi beach and more than the population of Texas.

Bloggers publish 1400 new blog posts each minute, users send 204 million messages via email and Amazon makes USD$ 77,000 in online sales.

Pretty fascinating right? Yes, it is!

Now ask anyone how many different types of websites exist in the world, just ask. You will get different responses from different people. That is because websites have been categorized in terms of functionality, design, and content.

Different types of websites

Compiled by professionals from a web design agency in Charlotte, the following are the different types of websites in use, and are sorted category wise as follows:


Websites can be categorized according to the kind of functions they can perform. It is a tempting factor to think that websites with streamlined visual aesthetics are complicated in terms of functionality. However, the opposite can often be true.

Amazon may not have a beautiful website, but it is versatile for the wide range of functions it performs.

In terms of functionality, the following are the main kinds of websites in use today namely:

  • E-commerce websites.
  • Wiki-based websites.
  • Social media websites.


If a web designer is asked about the different types of websites in use, their answer will probably explain how dynamic the content of the page is and the extent to which it has been optimized for all devices.

When it comes to how often the website’s content needs updating, the two categories in this regard are:

  • Static/Fixed websites.
  • Dynamic websites.

When it comes to the extent a website is optimized on all platforms, the design of such will fall into the following categories:

  • Static/Fixed websites.
  • Fluid/Liquid websites.
  • Responsive websites.


When categorizing them on the basis of content, the list of websites could become quite long. However, there is a list of some of the most common themes for website contents to be taken into consideration, which are as under:

  • Corporate Website.
  • Crowdfunding website.
  • An e-commerce website.
  • Educational website.
  • A social media website.
  • A TV or video streaming site.

Are creating such websites easy?

With the presence of numerous website building platforms around, creating one has become quite easy. It depends on whether it’s a blog, a portfolio showcase, a store or another customized website, it has become quite easy to make one thanks to the presence of platforms and agencies around.

These platforms are user-friendly and have plugins that are easily optimizable on the web. They are as under:

  • Constant Contact Website Builder.
  • HostGator’s Gator.

These are the popular platforms used for making a website. Apart from that, there are two routes to build one and they are as under:

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is one option to create a website, and WordPress is the most popular in this regard. WordPress is downloadable and so are other CMS’s. Buying a template and building the site using coding has become easy today.

For a domain name, you need to pay for it and host the website as well.

There are numerous advantages to making a website using a CMS, but technical knowledge and expertise are needed. Choosing a web designer or a web design agency is helpful in this regard.

Website Building Platforms

Website building platforms are online platforms allowing users to create their own based on the selection of templates from a collection. They are generally quite easy to use as they do not need the use of coding and to keep them running, users need to pay a monthly charge.

They are perfect for business sites, e-commerce sites, portfolios, and blogs. However, portal and media-based sites need to use a CMS system.

Not all website builders were created equal. Hence, to choose the best one do not hesitate in consulting with a decent web design agency.


Do not hesitate to visit your nearest agency to find out how much it costs to make one. They can offer you quotes, samples and show you their portfolio as well. A full-service digital marketing agency will not only help design and develop the site but also index it on the web and optimize for all platforms.

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