Things You Should NOT Do In Desert Tour to Marrakech!!

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Things You Should NOT Do In Desert Tour to Marrakech!!

Marrakech is a beautiful city enriched with so many historical monuments, full of heritage and culture. Lakhs of people visit Marrakech on a daily basis making it an amazing tourist destination for the world. Every street depicts a different story in Marrakech and Every sand dune with a hint of sun rays is a golden hour for the entire surrounding. It’s always a surreal experience that is meant to be cherished for a lifetime. But, that also comes with evil eyes on your joy. Below are the considerations which you should definitely consider before visiting Marrakech. Have a look-

Don’t befuddle local guardians as guides-

It’s a very popular happening in Marrakech from which most of the tourists remain unaware of. Once the locality realizes you are new to that place, they are very persuasive and persistent in their nature to follow and guide you till the endpoint of your destination, without your will. Be aware of the hidden intentions of them, as it is complained by many tourists that they end up being bribed by localities with a huge amount of money and complaint about wasting their time for the same. They usually end up asking 20-50 Dirhams for their ‘unwanted’ service.

There will be times when you will be lost in the lanes of Marrakech as Google Maps are often doubtable there. In such cases, the finest decision you can take is to not let your confidence down and keep going straight in your way or stop in a restaurant nearby and ask for proper directions.Asking directions from local guardians will cost you more than the actual worth.

Don’t Find Your Stay Near To Jma El Fna-

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Jma El Fna square is the most historical and amazingly built down tourist place in Marrakech. During the night, stalls and local markets shine differently at Jma El Fna square even from a distance. It is very advisable to try all the cuisines and traditions at this square but it gets aggressive and vulnerable to bear at a time. If you really want to enjoy the beauty of Marrakech, You should try to find your stay far away from the city. Relaxing your body with utmost peace after a hectic day is the ultimate solution to enjoy the trip and preparing yourself for the exciting adventures of the city. Getting such type of relaxation is quite difficult to find in the square. Take the help of any travel agent at the desert tour Marrakech.

Don’t Drink Tap Water (unless you are a localite)-

People of Marrakech are very fond of Tap and Distilled water. They find it safe to drink and has a habit to drink it on a regular basis. Although, this, their belief is not wrong because it’s purely filtered, reunited, and then passed to the localities. It’s quality is unpredictable if compared to mineral water. Tourists may not be settled with the taste of tap water and may not suit their taste buds and therefore, It is advisable for them to opt for mineral water as it is quite reasonable and worthy.

Do Not Exchange Your Money At The Airport-

To exchange your currency to Dirhams (the currency of Marrakech) from any other currency, it is advisable to change it to the nearby banks. Although, Airports always put up a signboard mentioning “No commissions while exchange” but they end up charging 20-30% with them. Banks are comparatively more prone to their words and give you a worthy and reasonable exchange rate. It’s a good idea to get your cash from the airport only, if you want to be on a worthy trip.

Give A Second Thought To What You Buy-

It happens in almost all the countries to make the tourists prey to their trap. It’s more likely to have a general knowledge about the local listings of the beautiful products served in Marrakech. The shopkeepers in the souks hike their prices by 50% once they realize you are unfamiliar to the place. It depends on your presence of mind on how to deal with it. It is our utmost suggestion to always give another thought to the prices listed by them. But do shop because it makes soul happy. Afterall, Being aware is the silent self-defence for a tourist

Don’t Completely Rely On Products As Quality Products-

It’s a general belief by the tourists to trust the materiality of the products and buy them thinking they will be used for a long time. But, sadly, this mentality is scammed by local shopkeepers and deliver the products which are cheap in nature and sold for a higher price. Being aware of the material and reasonable rates should be an ultimate motto for your trip.

Do A Complete Research Before Booking Any Travel Agency

Marrakech is mostly famous for the rich desserts settled in far away from the city and tourists love to spend multiple nights there. Many Travel Agency fools people by providing them the packages and promises them to give the elongated holidays, say for 2-3 days but end up making a one day trip. It’s very essential to take a complete research and book a travel agency which is completely reliable, trustworthy and honest. marrakech desert tours provides you the best tours you can ever imagine. It never fails to give you an experience which you would cherish for a lifetime. 

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