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Let me ask you, why are we born on this Earth? Why have we been given this life that is the most valuable to us? The answer could not just simply be fate, everything that happens to us in our lives and everything that we do is done because of a force behind it.

Could the reason be that we acquire all the wealth in the world? And to do so get one loan after the other, to then getting debt consolidation loans for bad credit from the direct lender to get out of that cycle. Probably not.

The reason for our existence is to make a name for our self. A name is that it would be remembered a long time after we are gone. Look, Princess Diana, even 23 years after her death, she is still the most revered Royal Family member.

People try to accomplish it just by gaining money and only money, and they forget that garnering respect and true happiness is also equally important.

Where do you think this joy comes from? It is possessed by a person when he does something that he is genuinely passionate about leading him to enjoy every day of his life, and at the same time giving some of that joy back to the society. Because when you provide for the under-privileged, the satisfaction you get is unparalleled.
It is a story of one such person who desired his aim with intensity so ardent that even God opened every way for him.


Michael was a worker at an events company. He did not hate his job, but he did not like it either. He knew he could not continue to work in a company that went against everything he believed in. He was an environmentalist and an advocate for the under-privileged and animals. However, his bosses used products that were single-handedly contributing to the doom of the Earth. So, he quit.

He still wanted to work as an event planner. He got his business financed and established his company. His people-pleasing skills and unique decorations made him a star. One example of the same is that he did not let anyone pluck flowers, all centrepieces in his decorations were actual pot with soil and manure in them so that they can be reused. He even used natural lighting in the form of organic candles. The ambience that he created was both surreal and authentic.

His events company was flourishing by the day. So, he decided to do something with his extra income.


Michael’s core was that of the noblest man. He desired to live in a world that personified equality, a world where people had the same status everywhere. That is why, He employed people that were homeless as his workers so that he could allow them to get a better footing in life. One of his workers had a daughter, Olivia, and he even paid for her education. When she graduated a year later, he threw the most lavish party for her, where every homeless person was invited so that he could fill their tummy’s at least for that night.

It was not all. He even rescued animals, and he had three dogs, four cats and a squirrel. He knew saving everyone was not a task that he could accomplish any time soon. But he did manage to throw the best animal parties at the local animal shelters to make them feel better about themselves. The meals comprised of animal-friendly cakes, treats and the best dessert of the cup after cup of Starbucks’ Puppacino.

To do all of this, he needed money. For the same, he got a few loans and soon after realised that his finances were not looking good. Olivia, who had become an accountant by then became his saviour as he had become hers. She got him one of the consolidation loans for bad credit in the UK to help him avoid the instalment overload.


It has been a little over a year since Michael passed away. He is remembered for all his excellent work for the destitute and the speechless beings. His events’ company is earning more money and Goodwill by each passing day. Olivia, remembers the homeless lady’s daughter, she took on the duty of taking Michael’s legacy and his excellent work forward.

So far, the events’ company has helped to rehabilitate over 500 homeless people and found homes forever for over 700 animals.

Michael would forever be remembered for what he started, and now there are many events’ companies and party planners who have begun adopting his technique to lower their carbon footprint and ensure as little wastage as possible.

Now, this is what I call an exceptionally well lived life that meant something to the person who lived it and everyone who crossed his path. This answers the reason why humans are considered supreme, because they not only uplift themselves, but others as well; other people and beings. That is why you should dream big, so big that when it becomes your reality fate would regret not being the reason for your fame and success.

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