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Presently, the word “identity” is highly vulnerable to “theft”. Personal details are being stolen from nowhere and then utilized for increasing the market cap. In the 21st century, modern problems need modern solutions. Besides being a magical wand for the financial system, blockchain technology is gradually captivating the interest of people belonging to the non-financial sectors. Blockchain technology is coming forward to resolve the issues related to the “stealing of identity” by offering greater control to customers on their personal information shared. You cannot avoid sharing information during resident registration, birth certificates, wedding certifications, online account logins, and at many more places, but with blockchain identity solutions, you can protect your data. This guide aims to give you clarity on the blockchain identity management solutions and some tips to build an identification app via blockchain.

Why A Blockchain-Based App Is Needed For Identity Management?

Presently, you have to share your ID in one or the other way. Sharing IDs at multiple places creates several challenges associated with the privacy of information, fear of losing or misuse of data, forgery of personal information, security, reliability, and many more. But, deployment of Blockchain identity solutions in an app, has the potential to solve the majority of issues. A decentralized model of distributed ledger or blockchain technology can assure the security, privacy, and control over the personal information shared by the user. The self-sovereign identity can help in strengthening the trust of the participants while they are sharing their IDs. Thus, a decentralized identity is meant for the peer-to-peer exchange of information enabled by blockchain and implemented by global standards, which can be introduced in mainstream via blockchain-based app.

How To Build An Identification App Via Blockchain?

build an identification app via blockchain

Do you belong to some enterprise, where you wanted the security of personal information of your employees and also of your customers? Do you want to assure your customers that their information won’t be tempered and is completely safe? Then, you can learn here to build an identification app via blockchain which can resolve many of your doubts and problems too. 

Define Project Scope

Defining project scope involves choosing a platform to develop your app which best comply with your needs. There are several platforms available for the development of apps that provide you with basic protocols and you can utilize them to design your product. Thus, the highly recommended ones are Ethereum, BigChainDB, Hyper-Ledger Fabric, Quorum, and many more. Ethereum enables the development of Decentralised Apps backed by smart contracts and hence preferred by the majority of developers.

Open Your Account

Once you had decided to choose a particular platform to design your app, you need to create your developer account by signing up to their website and filling up the needed information(Do not worry! Your details are safe). You need a platform for open-source codes, protocols to design your app( not from scratch), test some of the elements like smart contracts and also to popularize your app.

Upgrade Your System With Tools 

Before start developing your blockchain-based identity app, you need to update or install at least tools mentioned below:

  • testrpc: easy-to-use blockchain client which offers “Command Line Interface”. You can use the GitHub documentation of the platform to install and configure
  • JavaScriptAPI: install JavaScript API of a particular network to communicate with it. Ex: web3.js for Ethereum
  • Truffle: install a handy tool for compiling, testing, and deploying smart contracts specially for the Ethereum network.
  • Browser extension: you need to install an extension like MetaMask to test smart contracts and communicate with the network.

Thus, you need to set up the tools as per your platform network by installing and upgrading them on your system.

Design And Develop the Front and Back End

Back End needs to be handled by coders of the development team. For the decentralized blockchain app, the team needs to code for smart contracts (generally available on platforms as open-source) in a preferred programming language. A tip of advice is to keep the code simple initially to avoid the likelihood of bugs and then gradually complicate it.

Front End needs to be handled by some designers and experts in developing Application Program Interfaces. Outlook must be intuitive, user-friendly and self-explanatory.

Testing And Launching 

Before utilising your app in the mainstream you have to test your app. If the app is being developed for your own enterprise, you can have the trial period for 15 days by randomly filling the data in the app and publicising it, but if you have designed the app to outsource, then you have to come with various versions and finally with the end product. After the trial period, you must welcome changes and improvisations so that you can finally come up with a better final product to solve the issue of identity management.

Thus, this article mentions about few of the bullet points that need to be taken care of while building your blockchain-based identification app, unlike any blockchain identity management tutorial where you can understand about the basing coding and designing.

Summing Up

Identity management is one of the latest issue that can be easily sort out if the Blockchain technology will be utilized judiciously with the help of an efficient team of coders, app developers, strategists and few more specialists. Few of the apps like Validated ID, Keyp,New banking, Metadium, Thekey, Trusti and many more had came up in the market to solve the challenges related to the management of identity being faced by enterprises and organisations. Not even the private sector, but public-sector equally needs to deploy Blockchain-based apps to assure the citizens about the security f their personal information shared during various processes like receiving benefits from schemes, booking railway ticket, filling the form to open bank account, immigration procedures and many more. To build an app via Blockchain might sound difficult but utilising the services of already available apps might not be the difficult task for various companies. So, before the issue turn into crisis,  Blockchain must be given an honour to manage identity solutions.

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