How to Start Your Blockchain Developer Career

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Blockchain is an attractive topic of conversation for many developers. It is a not-so-new technology that is gaining popularity among large companies, and there is a high demand for blockchain developers.

Blockchain development requires quite a different approach from web development, which makes it far more complex. Since this technology is still advancing, you need to be updated on new ways of using blockchain all the time.

Since there is a high demand for this profession, the pay is higher than the average developer. Blockchain developers can get paid up to $200K per year if you have strong knowledge.

So, if you want to become a blockchain developer, you are in the right place. Let’s go through the first steps of your blockchain career.

Learn the Basics

Just like every profession, you have to start at level 0 and move your way up. There are no shortcuts in the blockchain career, so starting with the basics is necessary.

Learning the basics of blockchain concepts, architecture, and ideas is the right approach. By learning about decentralization, public and private approach, decision making is the only way to understand the essential concepts of blockchain.

You should also pay attention to the blockchain principles and learn about ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you should go through a cryptographic algorithm that is commonly used for every popular blockchain solution.

As we mentioned, blockchain is constantly growing in the last few years, so here are some things that you need to understand before jumping in this profession:

  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) such as Quorum, Corda, Ethereum Enterprise, and Hyperledger
  • Enterprise blockchain platforms
  • Learn about popular dApps


Understand How Blockchain Process Works

If you went through step 1, now it is time to putting all the pieces together and understanding how the blockchain process works. Additionally, you need to get familiar with the blockchain real-world implementation.

The best way is to work through basic cryptocurrency, and you will definitely appreciate what blockchain has to offer. Cryptocurrency is not the only use of blockchain, but it is the first step in understanding the process.

You should go ahead and buy some cryptocurrencies and store them in your wallet or trade them for other cryptocurrencies.

It is Time for Coding

Now that you have strong fundamentals, you are ready to put your knowledge into code. All beginners should start learning Solidity that will help you create and develop dApps as well as smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain.

There are also other open-source code blockchain platforms, but you should progress your way up when you start to understand it more. You have to understand that open-source blockchain is not easy as you would need to overcome quite a few challenges such as performance, source management, security, and isolation.

Just to have a better idea of the blockchain coding, you need to create:

  • Create a block;
  • Make a blockchain out of it;
  • Understand the basics about genesis block and implement it;
  • Add the block to the blockchain;
  • Validation of the chain;
  • Make a test run;


Learn Smart Contracts

Another vital blockchain concept that you need to implement is smart contracts. Basically, it is a computer protocol which is very similar to legal contract in everyday life.

You can use smart contracts to automate or add various functionalities to your dApps. The main features behind smart contracts are terminable, deterministic, and isolation.

Dig Deeper Into Blockchain

After you learn all things mentioned above, you need to dig deeper into the blockchain. Since it is a technology that is constantly improving, every bit of knowledge will help you become a better blockchain developer.

Remember, choosing this profession means that you’ll never stop learning. Try to read blockchain-related content and until you feel comfortable with what you are doing.

Keep Practising

Just like all of the Kentucky Derby winners, that even after being victorious on the race keep practicing to get better, you have to do the same thing. In order to become a great blockchain developer, you need time, so try practicing whenever you can, and the best way to learn the material is through trial and error.

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