Bling Up Your Car with Small Tweaks

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Buying a car does not seem to be less than a headache if you cannot pay the price outright. Hire purchase, and personal contract purchase may be a bit expensive and beyond your affordability. If so, car modification is an option.

If your old car has seen better days, you can bring it up without shelling out money. There is no shortage of modification options. Sometimes even a small change to your car can increase its performance, for instance, maximizing the efficiency of airflow.

Although there are various options, you need to consider your interests, Bling Up Your Car model, driving style, needs, and above all, budget. Car modification is going mainstream that people are modifying their cars only to get attention. Here is how you can transform your old car to a new one.


Your car can have a better mileage even if wheels are worn out due to normal wear and tear, but wheels are playing the role of adding lavishness to vehicles nowadays. Some people get their car wheels replaced to give it a more beautiful look even though they are in good condition.

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In-car entertainment

In-car entertainment is the most common thing that you should pay attention to give your car an elegant look. Cars do provide the space for TV and DVD system installation so that you can regale yourself whenever you are on the road.

If you are on a trip with your friends, upgraded sub-woofers and speakers are the best means to give them a surprise.

Tinted windows

When your jeans get scruffy, you give it some fancy cuts and frills along the hem to pretend to others that you are putting on new jeans. Likewise, you can provide a new look for your old car by putting a thin laminated film on the window.

Tinted glass not only drives the attention of a lot of people but also makes your driving more comfortable. However, it will be a lot harder to see through the windscreen in the dark.

Make sure that you do not travel much at night if you are looking to have tinted windows. However, there should be a legal limit for the tint on the windshield.

The tint must be more than 25% for the windscreen and 30% for the front side windows. If the model of your car dates back to before 1 April 1985, the lamination film should not block the light more than 30% for both the windscreen and side windows.

Upgraded lights

Lights are one of the most important accessories of a car. Even a normal look grandeur if you add expensive lights. Although the rear light illuminates red and the front lighting cast white or yellow rays, the design of the lighting can attract the attention of many people on the road.

You will have to shop around to see which lighting style you can afford to buy. Further, you need to know if it fits your car or not.

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Upgraded car suspension

Car suspension does not just enhance your car, but they improve the overall performance. Sometimes you do not realize that the car suspension is worn out or damaged. Instead, you think every road has got bumps. A damaged car suspension can weaken other parts of the car, and therefore you should be careful with its functionality.


To have a comfortable ride in your car, you need to upgrade seats. You will have to spend some time and money to change the seats in your car. So, change only when they are tattered.

Modifying a car is not as difficult as it seems, but it needs a budget. The rule of thumb says that you should hire an expert even for smaller tweaks to avoid any problem in the future.

If you travel a lot due to any reason, your car should provide you with a comfortable ride. Make sure that you have enough money to invest in modification. In case you lose your job and dip into funds you set aside for care revamp, you can take out emergency loans for the unemployed. Shop around for a better deal. However, Target Loans will let you borrow money at affordable interest rates despite the bad credit.

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