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Boxing is a martial art that only fights with gloves, and there are various rules and regulations so that the sport is not so violent or brutal. The purpose of boxing is to hit the opponent most directly. Finally, the referee votes between them until a decision is made as to which athlete will score better. There are so many boxing video games available but I have selected some popular boxing games.

Here are some selected best boxing games for boxing fans:

Punch Club

Punch Club has all the systems necessary for perfect role-playing. A proper training plan and a little bit of luck can make you the best fighter. Punch Club is the perfect combination of RPG, fighter jets, and training simulation cards that help you work hard, eat healthily, and top the list. The premise of the game is that you are a budding fighter who has fallen completely and doing pushups as “training”.


Punch Out was developed by Nintendo in 1987. The series is the port of punch-out!! And great blow! A pergola game with some differences. Play as a boxer named Little Mac and develop yourself further in the professional boxer that faces a number of colorful fictional boxers, and finally with the real world boxer. There was one last fight that took place in the original version of Mike Tyson and later in Mr. Dream. Wheat Gram has a limited trail compared to most opponents. His fists were limited to left and right blows, blows to the left and right body and strong blows. To cut upwards, the player must press the start button after receiving the stars. In defense, Macs can set up guards that dodge left and right, dodge punches, and block them. It was considered one of the best from many mike tyson games out there.

Real Boxing

Real Boxing is an amazing game. Compete in a comprehensive career mode, win three championship titles and fight against more than 20 opponents. Each opponent has their own adaptive fighting style. Then use the mini-games skipping rope, heavy bag and speed bag to train your boxer, make your fighter from scratch and learn new skills to improve your boxer’s skills.

Rocky (2002)

Rocky is a fighting video game released by Rage Software in 2002. The game is based on the eponymous film series by the famous eponymous boxer Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone). The game is close to the movie and all characters are at least mentioned in the movie.

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FaceBreaker is a simple game. The players swing up and down in a ball and defend themselves with a series of parades, blocks and evasive maneuvers. There are also some mandatory super shots that players can get from long-term hits. The strongest of these is the nominal facebreaker attack. There’s a nice strategic level in the ups and downs of boxing, defense, and super boxing, but there are so many moments of balance and extreme frustration that few people can hold out for hours.

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

Ready 2 Rumble is a series of cartoon arcade best boxing games released in 1999. The game is known for its “Rumble Meter” system, which sends you a box of your choice if you mock an opponent or get a heavy blow, which enables you to activate super mode. It also invited the famous broadcaster Michael Buffer to introduce the character and his famous phrase “Let’s prepare for the rumble!” There is a detailed championship mode in which you can train your own boxer and participate in the game and finally won the championship.

Prize Fighter

Prize Fighter is an FMV boxing game. The game is completely different from the methods required for sprite or polygon based games, the strategy is still the same: hitting and striking an uppercut when the opponent lowers his defense and blocking and swinging while he is moving responsive. After winning, players can increase the strength and endurance of their left and right gloves by assigning “energy points” to each zone. The only pixies obvious in the game are player gloves and fitness signs and the circle are black and white. As with other FMV games, players can activate prompts to indicate to the player when certain keys need to be pressed.

Creed: Rise to Glory

CREED: Rise to Glory pulls you into the hands of disadvantaged Adonis Creed and challenges you to become a champion that can’t be ignored. Train with the legendary Rocky Balboa and feel stronger and compete against your opponents in the spotlight of the crowded championship ring. A multitude of moderators, an active audience and strong visual effects let you feel the excitement and adrenaline of the championship competition. As you pass dynamic music and iconic themes at every turn, you’ll be the center of the story with film-like game play and dramatic knockout animations.

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