Best Bitcoin Management Mobile Apps In 2020 | Quick Guide

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Cryptocurrency is taking the financial world by storm due to its numerous striking features. Blockchain-based digital currency follows the decentralized structure where you do not need any intermediary to complete your transaction. Cryptocurrencies are not only easing out the process of transaction but also gaining popularity as the commodity for investment. Crypto community is gradually expanding all across the world. To improve the experience of customers in crypto space, many of the developers and teams are coming out with their cryptocurrency apps.  In this article let us learn about the cryptocurrency apps and look out for the list of best Bitcoin management mobile apps of 2020.

What Is a Cryptocurrency App? | Best Bitcoin Management Mobile Apps

A cryptocurrency app is like any other mobile app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android users and Apple store for iPhone users. Form storing your private keys of crypto coins to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies, maintaining crypto portfolio to analyze the trends of the number of digital currencies available in the market to keep the track of latest partnerships and new services and product launch, from earning the rewards and cashback to tracking the mining pool, these apps allow you to manage your funds invested in cryptocurrencies

What is cryptocurrency app

Mobile Apps generally have an intuitive interface, simple login procedure with two-way authentication, and multiple interesting features to improve the experience of the crypto community. Either you are a newbie or an advanced trader, you need to have few cryptocurrency apps for better management which can be categorized:

Exchanges: To sell and buy or trade cryptocurrencies with different modes of payment, you need to have the app of some popular crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, or as per your choice and requirement.

Wallets: Must have app in your phone which allows you to store private keys of your crypto coins securely rather than selling or buying of coins. The app which accepts multi-cryptocurrency is preferable.

Tracker: Crypto exchanges run for 24/7 so you need an app that can track the progress of market capitalization, trading volume, and also other trends of at least well-known crypto coins.

Analysis: Crypto space is highly volatile and depends on numerous factors so manual analysis is a bit difficult. Crypto analytical apps have become a necessity for crypto traders in the present time.

News: Every other day, ICO is launching, collaborations are happening, cyber attacks are taking place and many major events are taking place, so one needs to get updated with the latest news of crypto space, thereby needing an app that covers the latest news of crypto space.

Best Bitcoin Management Mobile Apps

We tried to update the list of the best Bitcoin Management Mobile Apps 2020 in as many categories as possible:

CoinbaseCoinbase is a well-known name in crypto Space. Being in the list of top ten exchanges, the platform of Coinbase can be accessed through the app available for users. It is basically a wallet app but let you sell, buy, and store your coins. It has the potential to store your coins even if you lose or misplace your phone. is also a crypto wallet which allows you to check transfer funds, making payments, and also offers you online shopping options. One of the special features of is that it allows you to locate retailers and banks.


CryptonatorCryptonator is an app for advanced traders with a wide range of features. Cryptonator is a portfolio management app that offers you the option to convert more than 500 varieties of crypto coins and interface to review currencies based on their location.


CoinstatsCoin stats is one of the crypto tracker apps which traces the trend of approximately 3000 currencies over more than 100 crypto exchanges. Coin stats give you the various options to customize portfolio also. Along with price alerts, Coin Stats provides you weekly updates of the crypto world, which further adds to your knowledge of crypto space.


Btc checkerBitcoin Checker is one of the most popular apps among beginners who wish to trade in cryptocurrencies as it provides the information related to the majority of products associated with Bitcoins. As it is completely free, user friendly with simple easy features, it is preferred by most of the newbies.


BitmapBitmap crypto app helps you to locate local shops near you accepting Bitcoins just like Google Maps. As Bitcoin is gaining traction in financial markets, many of the supermarket chains, local stores, and retailer shops accept the payment in cryptocurrencies. 


Z trader zTrader is an app for if you are a serious trader, which can help you in learning analysis curve and also built-in room to consult with experts of industry.


eToroeToro app helps you in developing your trading skills by offering you $100,000 dummy coins to invest in a virtual portfolio.eToro connects you to the professionals around the world to share strategy and talk about the trends of the market.


BlockfolioBlockfolio is a financial app that helps in quickly glancing your portfolio, notify you about the specified threshold of the prices, and also give the latest notifications of crypto space.


Btc ticker widgetFor a regular digital trader, Bitcoin Ticker seems to be perfect to get the regular update of current currency exchange rates and can be deployed as a widget on your home screen. is also a crypto wallet app which along with storing your Bitcoins and Ether, allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies with the help of fiat currencies. The user-friendly app of offers the services of margin trading also.

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency apps are meant to ease out your crypto life and can help you in making sound choices related to investment. You need to be extra careful about three things while choosing or downloading any app: High-level security, Real-time data is available and accessibility in your area.No matter if you are a newbie or an advance trader, you need to have one or other crypto app in your mobile to get yourself updated and double your investments in cryptocurrencies. And we hope that the list of best Bitcoin Management mobile app would help you in choosing some of the apps for your required purpose. 

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