New projects related to money is a favorite place for scammers who profit from the ignorance of people. Recently, US law enforcement agencies caught the next criminals who stole $ 550 thousand in cryptocurrency. You will learn about this and not only in our traditional digest, which will now be published on a daily basis.

Americans caught the criminals who stole $ 550 thousand in cryptocurrency

The FBI arrested two citizens accused of stealing cryptocurrencies and hacking social media accounts using SIM card fraud.

The US Department of Justice has accused Eric Meiggs and Declan Harrington of electronic fraud, computer fraud, the theft of personal data of the head of the crypto company and other persons.

The goal of the criminals was $ 550 thousand in cryptocurrency, which was owned by 10 different people. The names of the victims are not named, but they are all connected with the world of cryptocurrencies. One of the users is the owner of the crypto machine, while the other was engaged in the blockchain business.

SIM card fraud is often used to steal cryptocurrencies. More recently, crypto investor Michael Terpin informed the US Federal Communications Commission of his request to stop SIM fraud.

Divided bonds will be traded on blockchain from Nothern Trust


Northern Trust Bank, together with the Singapore-based company BondEvalue, plans to conduct joint testing of a blockchain designed for tokenization and trading in divided bonds.

Together with Bond Evalue, the bank plans to provide asset servicing for large, highly rated bonds that will be tokenized and split for retail investors using Hyperledger Sawtooth. These bonds are usually too large for ordinary investors.

Two years ago, Northern Trust used the blockchain to keep track of direct investments. Right now, the bank is engaged in asset management, whose total amount is $ 124.3 billion and ranks 24th among the largest US banks. The head of the market protection and innovation research department said that they create functionality that can be reused in a wide variety of asset classes, and in several jurisdictions at the same time. In addition, they set themselves the goal of servicing the highest class assets in this environment.

A little earlier, BondEvalue obtained permission from the Singapore regulator to trade bonds on the blockchain. Northern Trust will store tokenized bonds and conduct transactions that will be under the direct supervision of the regulator. Provided that the pilot project is successful, the bank will take part in developing the BondEvalue business model.

Bitfinex Launches Its Prediction Platform


Paolo Ardoino, technical director of the Bitfinex crypto exchange, said that the company is exploring opportunities for entering the predictive market.

Prediction markets work like this: there are several scenarios for the development of an event, the user puts on one of them and, in the event of a “hit the bull”, gets a prize. In the Scoop podcast, Arduino noted that Bitfinex could launch its prediction platform as early as next year.

One of the main tasks of Bitfinex is to protect users’ personal data. The company plans to open access to the platform only for verified customers and create forecasting mechanisms that have already been used by Bitfinex in its other projects.

In addition, Arduino noted that in the 1st quarter of 2020, the exchange plans to launch bitcoin options, as well as issue a new stable coin Tether Gold, which will be provided with gold.

Coinbase Card appeared in 10 more countries and now supports new cryptocurrencies


Coinbase Card has acquired support for another five cryptocurrencies and has also become available in 10 more countries.

In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin Price, the Coinbase Card began supporting XRP, XLM, BAT, ZRX, and REP. Also, the card has become available for residents of Bulgaria, Hungary, Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Romania, Croatia, and Sweden.

Coinbase Card was launched in April 2019. Using this card, users have the opportunity to pay for goods with cryptocurrency from their accounts on the exchange. Immediately after this, Coinbase converts cryptocurrency into conventional funds, taking a small commission for this.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that since 2012, the company has managed to earn about $ 2 billion on trade commissions. In June, the exchange opened access to its cards in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

OKEx USDT Bitcoin Futures Contracts Now Available


OKEx launched the Bitcoin futures contracts, which will be calculated in USDT.

For the first time, such an intention became known at the end of October. This was announced by OKEx CEO Jay Hao, on November 5, the exchange began simulation testing, which was successfully completed. Now the exchange has placed BTC / USDT contracts on its trading platform. Hao said that OKEx offers traders new tools in accordance with their interests and needs.

Earlier, the exchange reported that derivative contracts based on stable coins will allow traders to facilitate the calculation of risks and market orientation.

The exchange shared information that derivatives are quoted and calculated in USDT, and the nominal value of each contract is 0.0001 BTC with leverage from 0.01 to 100x. Platform users can open long-term and short-term contracts.

OKEx will soon launch futures on USDT and other digital assets.

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