LASIK is a laser surgery that is done to treat the refractive error of the eye. This is a modern laser surgery method that repairs vision imperfections in less time than other surgical methods. 

In this method of treatment, the doctor uses laser technology to make a square cut the corneal flap. This helps the surgeon to reshape the underlying layers of the cornea and repair the vision problem. 

Why Get LASIK Done?

LASIK is very advantageous eye surgery. You can avail of the best LASIK eye surgery in Delhi. Some of the most common reasons to get LASIK surgery done are:

Better Vision

LASIK provides improved vision. Post-treatment patients need not use glasses or contacts. This is why it is a very popular laser treatment. But there is no guarantee that the vision will be absolutely perfect. The result varies and most of the patients get a full 20/20 vision. 

Safe Procedure

None of the surgical methods could be risk-free. The corneal flap done in LASIK may create certain complications in rare cases and that depends on various factors. But it has become safer and more accurate due to the introduction of many advanced instruments and tools. 

Heals Fast

LASIK is a good option for people who want to get back to normal life as soon as possible. This surgery heals fast and patients can start their normal routine even within the next 24 hours. If there is no sign of complications after the surgery, patients heal quickly. This helps them to start driving and do their job just like before.

Recovery Post-LASIK

After the LASIK surgery is done, the doctor will recommend certain medications. The patient must follow all the restrictions and guidelines the ophthalmologist suggests. This will help in fast and quick recovery. 

Some of the common conditions one may notice after LASIK surgery are as follows:

  • Hazy vision for a short time.
  • Patients may see halos around the eye.
  • Temporary bloodshot eyes.
  • Light sensitivity

The above-mentioned symptoms are natural and tend to go away within a short period that may vary from a few hours to a couple of days. The symptoms depend on the level of LASIK surgery. 

Right after the surgery, the doctor will send you home with prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammation drops. You need to take the drops and medicines at the proper time without failure to speed up the healing and recovery. 

Moreover, if you develop any other side effects such as infection and swelling or dry eyes, make sure to consult with your eye surgeon. For the best LASIK surgery in Delhi, prior consultation with an ophthalmologist is required.

What Do Lasik Patients Do After The Surgery?

For the first few weeks, LASIK patients need to follow certain things. These are:

  • Avoid using soap and face creams around the eye.
  • Wear safety eyewear while doing any sports activity.
  • Avoid doing the high-intensity workout for a couple of days.
  • Wait for a week or two before doing any strenuous work.
  • Swimming can be done in a chlorinated pool after a week.

To know more about LASIK surgery and how it can help you, visit an eye hospital near you and consult with an ophthalmologist.