7 Impressive Ideas to celebrate Christmas as Long Distance Couple

The most challenging thing about long-distance relationships is being away from your partner at festivals and special days. You cannot hug your sweetheart and cannot be together with them during the best and most happening time of the year. Many of us cannot fly to our partners as we live really away or we would be caught up in work. Skype also cannot make the ends meet, so you should follow some amazing ideas that would help you celebrate Christmas with your partner even being miles away. There is a number of ways you can virtually stay together and connected on these special days and enjoy the festival. Thus we are here with some amazing and impressive ideas to celebrate Christmas as a long-distance couple.


1) Ensure You See Each other on Webcam

You can be together virtually if not in reality. Talk to your partner for hours using internet services such as Skype. These software services are for the good of long-distance relationships partners and this would have a positive outcome to ant long-distance couple. On special occasions like Christmas talk face to face to your beloved and spend the majority of the day together while you are not working. You can eat together; go for a walk and even cook together virtually through a webcam. Make romantic stuffed animal delivery to your beloved and confess your love through the cute and loving cuddly toys.


2) Open Your Presents Together

We have already advised spending majority of the time together with your partner. You can also open the gifts at the same time on webcam. It would be great to see the happiness on your partner’s face while they are opening your gift. Also when they would be opening other gifts they would be happy to share their feelings with you. If you cannot make it onto Skype for any reason you can make a video recording of you opening the gift and send it to them later in the day. You can also get romantic ideas for long-distance relationships from our online gift site and through those ideas to make your partner feel loved.


3) Share Your Family Traditions

Good communication is one of the things that will help you and your partner thrive against the distance. You can share your childhood stories as to how you used to celebrate the Holidays and let them know about your family traditions of enjoying and celebrating the festival. You can also pull out a bunch of pictures from your childhood celebrating Christmas and share it with your partner. Thus though you guys would be miles apart, you will share a special connection even though. Send Christmas flowers online to your loved ones to convey Christmas wishes through fresh and stunning blooms.


4) Send a Telegram

In this generation of emails and messenger, send a telegram as it takes little more effort to pull together and thus it would be a special gesture. Telegram will let you combine the sentimentality of the foregone means of communication with the technology of this generation. You can simply create your own message with the telegram and send your love to your partner through an authentic-looking telegram with weathered effects. This message will surely be a keepsake for your partner for the years to come.


5) Paint Your Life

Everyone appreciates art, so if you can afford to get an original piece by some famous artist to surprise your partner. This gift would be hung by your partner in their bedroom and it would serve as a constant reminder of the love you guys share. You can simply turn a photo into a real-life picture by getting it painted by any famous artist. If you cannot afford it you can get replicas as they are also quite costly and capture the meaningful memories through paint your life. These are some of the best long-distance relationship gift ideas through which you can surprise your partner on special days and make them feel special.


6) Wear Matching Christmas Outfit

This might be super corny but at the same time, it is too cute. So set your corny genes free for Christmas and pick your Christmas outfits together online and have them sent separately. You can take wonderful selfies wearing these Christmas outfits and set relationship goals through being miles away from each other. You can also use some photo editing apps and crop your photos together and make any normal couple jealous of these fun tricks and romantic matching Christmas outfits.


7) Play Online Games Together

Spending Christmas miles away from each other doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy Christmas. You can introduce your partner with your favorite online game and arrange some time and play together online like you are sitting next to each other. It can be any game liked by your respective partner. You will have fun exploring different genres and this would even enhance your team spirit. Thus you can have fun times with your partner on Christmas holidays through playing some online