Marketing is a huge part of any business without which a business cannot survive. Earlier, marketing was done by using banners and newspapers. When radio and television became a household thing, ads started playing on them. Ads are how the media company makes revenue even if they provide free content to people. Businesses use ads to turn more heads towards their products. But in cases of linear TV, it was only possible to display the same ad everywhere at a given time, whether it is relevant to that location or not. But with internet streaming and new software coming up, this has changed.

What is Dynamic ad Insertion?

Targeted ads are getting more and more common these days. Especially it can be seen in Google ads and other social media platforms that show us ads based on recent searches. Can the same be done to online video streaming? Can relevant ads that are particular to the user be inserted in between a video that he or she is watching? The answer is yes! That is what Dynamic Advertising Insertion or DAI software does.

DAI is a technology that enables advertisers to display different ads for different users watching the same content. This is very different and more usual from traditional TV broadcasting. There is a bunch of software today that can track user behaviour online and provide valuable information to the advertisers. DAI helps in reaping the benefits of having such information in hand by letting the advertiser target the audience who are most likely to make the purchase.   

Benefits of Dynamic ad Insertion

DAI allows the advertisers to track impressions and optimize a particular ad campaign in real-time rather than waiting for feedback. This way, necessary changes can be made as and when required while the campaign is running. By targeting each viewer specifically based on their own behaviour, it increases the chances of ROI from the advertising campaign. The consumer gets benefitted as the ads that are displayed to them are in-sync with the requirement and not random and irritating.

It benefits the media companies too. It is through the advertisement that the media houses earn. If displayed irrelevant ads to the users, it might irritate them, thereby driving them away from the content. This will make them lose their popularity and consequently their ad revenue. By displaying relevant ads to the consumer, media owners can retain their attention and hence, generate more revenue.

The Future

Right now, digital ad insertion is usually seen only in online video streaming. But the other industries are also adapting and gearing up to explore the benefits which DAI can offer. Using DAI, ads can be synced with the main content more comfortably and it is also cost-efficient. DAI is now used in podcasts and OTT services across the globe. It has also become an integral part of cloud based Linear TV advertisements. Geo-targeting is already being used in some linear TV, so, it will not be long for DAI to be used as well.