In all over the world, cakes, cupcakes and macrons have very significant importance. Macron is a sweet cookie that is made up of egg white, almond meal, icing sugar, granulated sugar and food color and is available in the bakery. It is the most favorite food item among kids that is present in custom food boxes. Everyone loves to eat macron on the events of happiness such as Christmas, birthday, farewell party and other occasions. You can gift a macron box to your loved one. Another attractive thing is the packaging of the macron box that makes it more unique and eye-catching. 


Macron boxes have great importance in all over the world. They are made to arrange and assemble macrons in a proper way. A box also provides protection to macrons and keeps them stable in position. The packaging box for macron is usually made up of cardboard material which is durable and recyclable. A good quality macron box can take baking to the next level of perfection. A delicious macron becomes yummier when it is packed in a unique box. A well-organized macron box can be used as a treat for friends and family on different occasions.

Custom macron box adds extraordinary value in the taste of macrons. So, we can say that macron packaging is an interesting and unique way to present macrons to anyone in the most mannered way. There are many designs, colors and sizes are available according to the shape and quantity of macrons and occasion.

How to make a macron box?

Macaron boxes are not difficult to make. If you are busy in the kitchen to make macrons and don’t have enough time to go to market for boxes, don’t worry, you can do it at home by yourself easily. You need to find any cardboard box that is usually available at home, and then you need to follow these simplest steps to create your macron box at home.


  1. Pick up a box and remove dirt and make it clear and neat.
  2. Now you need to wrap it with any colorful wrapping paper.
  3. Wrap nicely, make sure you do not use extra glue or tape because that will make your box unattractive.
  4. Place a parchment paper in the box and set your freshly made macrons in it.
  5. If you want to create a lid for the box, you can use any used or waste lid and wrap it too as a box. You can also cut the cardboard in the same shape as the box to use it as a lid.
  6. You can also make an inserter or cubes shaped divider. For this, cut the cardboard in small square shape and attach sides in the way that it will make a cube. Set these small cubes divider in the box.
  7. If you don’t want a lid, you can wrap your box with a plastic sheet, and it will make your macron visible. You can also place this opened box in a food basket that will make it’s travelling easy.
  8. For decoration of the box, you can use any small artificial flowers, ribbons or small wish cards that will make your box more interesting and memorable. This idea is also very effective when you are going to gift a macron box for someone. It will give a great impact.
  9. Here you have you own handmade macron box. 


Things you should consider:

  • Measure the box accurately keeping in mind the actual size of macrons. Keep the height normal as per the size so that it may not destroy the delightful macrons. If you have mini macrons, then t is suggested to make a mini macron box.
  • It is recommended to make the base of box durable so it can handle the macrons so well.
  • Always focus on the box carry option. How will you carry a macron box in a way that it can’t destroy macron’s look? I must say you should add a cute box handle which makes it easy to carry.

Things you should consider:

Ready-made Macron Boxes:

For different occasions such as birthday, baby showers, engagement, we need macron boxes in bulk. We can get highly customized boxes from the market and online stores. These boxes have good quality and are highly printed. Their printing gives a luxurious look. Many packaging companies are providing Macron boxes wholesale, which is highly customized, available with lids and inserters, which are easy to assemble.

Ready-made Macron Boxes