It is very difficult to choose the right freight forwarder that gives you hassle-free service and manage your logistics, There are several filters that you keep in mind before choosing freight forwarding.

Let’s discuss these ones by one, No matter you are experienced or beginner keeps in mind these filters it will help you for choosing the right freight forwarder.

Do You Know your Requirement?

Before start searching it, make sure you have a clear requirement what exactly you need, Like a few questions

  1. Do you need a road or sea freight
  2. How Much weight exactly you want to ship
  3. What is the route
  4. Where you want to ship the port name is also required.

These are a few questions but there are more like, do you need any kind of transport for the door to door shipment and many more things.

So make sure before asking quotation for multiple companies you have proper requirements that you need to tell to choose freight forwarder.

The Best way to find Right Freight Forwarder:

So to find the right freight forwarder you need to check a few business directories that give you the customer feedback option.

You can also check the review on social media of the company and also try to check their website online and read the service that offers.

searching on internet

Before contact makes sure they have a great online presence and read the bad review as well that will tell you the worst part of services as well.

Why Capacity of shipment is matter always?

OK! This is the important part

Capacity is the most important factor in freight forwarding you need to make sure that freight forwarders have the capacity to take this shipment. If the freight forwarder always works in the small parcel and your shipment is in Ton, then this thing is probably new to freight forwarder so you have to make sure the capacity of the freight forwarder is the same and freight forwarder already works for these kinds of shipment.

Capacity of shipment

Register with local or International Trade licensing firm:
Yes! this is important. You need to confirm that the specific firm that gives you service of logistics is registered with local or international trade association it will give you help to trust on choose freight forwarder company.

Tracking, Customer Service and Insurance Really Matter:

Yes, tracking is one the key part in shipping any goods from one point to another,

Keep in mind every time, for any kind of logistics before starting any process you need to clear this point, How you can track this shipment,

Are they using the third part freight forwarding system?

Yes! this is the point that helps you to understand the strength of the company if they are strong enough then they have their own tracking system that helps to track the shipment otherwise they use a third-party tracking system, but you need to make sure in both cases they have proper tracking.

Customer service and professional staff are the bases of any company before selecting any company you need to make sure that they have professional customer service that helps you in each step.

Insurance Really Matter?

Make sure to choose freight forwarder offer insurance service this is the most important thing that always matters and you have to secure your shipment. In case of loss or theft if your shipment is insured than the chance of lose is way reduced.