The two most vital aspects of operating a successful business are staying on top of the search ranking positioning and monitoring the site traffic. Your site may have received a Google penalty if you see that your site has generated less traffic and a significant drop in your rankings. Let us now see what SEO Newcastle services do in such situations.

Initially, are you checking out your site’s ranking? If not, then it is the best time to start. Else you will never attain a spot for the Google penalties before your business gets affected.

Locating the varied kinds of Google Penalties

One of the initial steps in locating whatever Google penalty is the first to know about it; therefore, it is time to know whatever kind of penalty Google is imposing on you.

1. Algorithmic Penalties

During the recent update to Google’s algorithm, these kinds of penalties automatically get distributed across your site, flagging the behaviors outside Google’s guidelines. Whenever the algorithmic penalties hit you through Google, check out the updates that have taken place recently.

Recent Updates to Google Algorithm and how they get targeted?

· Panda (2011)

Panda targets the lower-quality of content. Content farms are hitting hard; however, one with lower quality, plagiarized, keyword stuffing, and irrelevant content got major penalties too.

· Penguin (2012)

Penguin had recently targeted the links of bad quality. The main aim was to eliminate the sites paying for links using automated link-building software or getting low-quality links.

Hummingbird (2013)

Some sites contain long-tail search queries wherever it hits the toughest through the algorithmic updates. The primary aim of the update was to create greater stability across the search systems for the users with knowledge about human speech and to ward off the keyword search happening randomly.

Manual Review Penalty

These are the penalties that take place every time for varied reasons. However, with the significant amount of sites online and the restricted amount of Google staff across the web spam team, several penalties start the triggered penalty of the algorithms. Whenever you get the manual review penalties, you get an email in the webmaster tool of Google.

Site-wide Penalty

It is the penalty that you do not wish to notice. It means that Google has checked out the site as spam under the search results. The penalties help reduce the rankings on the search, or while it is capping the ranks to the deeper pages under the results, it may leave you entirely invisible. There are instances where this kind of penalty results in the site becoming de-indexed and completed or even getting blacklisted.

Partial Manual Penalty

These penalties target the manual reviewer in believing that the site is up and running while you may have a few issues under some of the pages. It mainly slapped on the sites having quite a few undesirable links for the quality of the content not matching the guidelines of Google over a few pages.

How to locate a Google Penalty

Check Indexing

Whenever you have concerns about site-wide penalties, there is a rapid easiest manner of checking it. It is what the SEO Newcastle services note. You have to enter your domain on Google as it helps limit the searches bringing up the domain, and while nothing gets displayed, you are not in the searches.

Whenever the site is indexed into the search pages of Google, and it is now missing in action with the site-wide penalties, even blacklisting is the main cause. Whenever your site is a new one, understand that it takes about anywhere from a day or even a week to get indexed; therefore, you should never panic in this situation where the site did not pop up.

Inspect the Google Webmaster Tools

Make sure to log into the webmaster tool of Google and check for notifications. You can easily check out the manual review penalties by clicking the Search traffic to the Manual actions on the sidebar.

Check Keywords

Whenever you have noticed a drop in your site, however, it pops up whenever you are entering into the hyper-specific questions in Google, you may start to suffer partial penalties.

· Check for the PageRank

Head to to enter the domain name in the search field and git enter. You will get your page rank displayed while using them in comparing the earlier ranking. Whenever the ranking is lower than what it has been, you may have penalties for contending. Remember that PageRank is rarely updated; therefore, the recent penalties do not show any decrease in the page rank.

Check Traffic

Google Analytics is the ideal place to check out the traffic and get a better idea of whenever the traffic starts dropping. Check back each month whenever you have while locating the reduction taken place or get started to work on the possible issues.

Check the Effect of Google Updates on Sites

You should link your Google Analytics account with; however, it displays the number of times the site is affected by the Google update. The site even shows the way your site is affected positively and negatively. The free versions notice the unavailability of data for the past three months; however, you can avail of a paid subscription at a nominal fee.


The manual actions are significantly more headaches that affect the site’s visibility, profit, and traffic for the Google penalties. It is why you should inspect the GSC and ensure that your site complies with the Webmaster’s guidelines. If you suspect the site has lost search visibility, start by inspecting the manual action reports in the GSC and taking more steps.

For building a good and profit-making website, you need to be focused on web design services. If you are thinking of the same thing, then you need to hire the best web design company Melbourne only. In the market, you can see lots of options for making such a decision. Here, you may face some confusion or complicated elements such as how to choose the best company. 

Choosing the best and suitable web design company cannot be an easy task. It can be possible by focusing on lots of factors and comparisons among all options. For getting introduced to these factors, you should check the upcoming paragraphs. 

Tips To Choose 

Listen To You 

Firstly, you need to make sure that the selected company is listening to you and your ideas perfectly. In case you are not paying attention to all these factors, then you may proceed with the wrong options. For the best results, it is important that they listen to you. If they don’t, then you are not capable of delivering the details about your business. As a result, it becomes difficult to develop a suitable website for business without proper knowledge. 

Creative Ideas 

Listening to and following your ideas is not enough for all these things. Here, you need to check out some other elements such as – creative ideas provided by the professionals. In case your selected company is not capable of providing perfect knowledge about these factors, then you should choose another one. A web designer can provide more creative and impressive ideas for your business website by considering your inputs as the base. 

Team Of Experienced Professionals 

You are required to check out various elements and experience is one of these. You should make sure that you are hiring the web design services Melbourne by choosing an experienced company. These types of firms are offering services by assigning the best and highly experienced team of professionals. With all these things, the role of marketers becomes important here. A marketer is capable of proceeding with all essentials such as – competitor analysis and gather complete information for website development.

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Aware Of With Use Of CMS

The content management system is the most important part when it comes to managing and updating the website in the future. You should hire the service provider which is aware of the use of a content management system and how to connect with the website for further management. 

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

No one wants to spend money on a website that may create issues in the future or cannot be accessed on all platforms. For avoiding these types of issues, everyone chooses to get responsive web design. Responsive design is featured with some specific elements like – responsive & adjustable images, liquid layout, and so on. These factors allow the website to adjust all elements as per the screen size and load the website quickly on the requested device. 


By paying attention to all essential factors, you should not forget to check out case studies. Mainly the case studies are mention in the portfolio sections that can be useful in gathering information about previous projects of the company. Here, you should check out the reviews and ratings. Testimonials will help you in understanding the views and experiences of previous clients. By checking the live websites, you can estimate facts related to the skills and quality of services. 

Track Record 

With it, you should figure out details related to the company’s track record and success rate. It needs to be perfect and long without any kind of mistake or error. In case you find something wrong or have any doubts, then you should not forget to discuss such a thing during the meeting. Here, you can proceed with another option of inspecting the company on your behalf. 

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Knowledge About Conversions 

Everyone is putting effort into getting maximum leads and conversion for success. A good web design Melbourne company and it’s professional should be aware of conversions and its importance. Conversions are highly based on website design. In case you do not have a good design, then you are not able to impress the audience and get them converted into customers. 

Expertise In Your Industries 

Having experience and good track records are not enough to consider a company as the best option. For it, you need to focus on the expertise. You should make sure that the selected web designer has expertise in designing websites for your industry. It is the only way by which you can avail of the quality services. In case you pick the professionals randomly and who are not known to your business industry, then you made a big mistake. 

These are some major factors that will help you in setting up a perfect comparison among service providers and choose the best one only. With it, you should try to fix a proper meeting for discussion regarding project before making a final decision. 

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