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Do you want to earn money without giving too much efforts and time to the sources? Passive income gives you the opportunity to get regular earnings by exploring your talents, providing your dispensable things to needed ones, using your business skills and many others. Here are the best passive income ideas in India.

Creative Ideas To Make Passive Income in 2020

#1 – Network Marketing:

It is a day to day growing business in which companies like Amway, Herbal Life Nutrition, Nu Skin Enterprises, etc. pay the employees to sell their products and depend on the network of distributors to grow it.

This can be done by following ways:-

  • Single-Tier: This can be done by becoming the only inter mediator between any company and customers. Many companies like Avon, pay-per-click, etc. hire the person to sell their products directly to the customers.
  • Multi-Level: Multi-level involves more than one person to explore the business. In this, companies use to motivate the existing employees to recruit new distributors and they are paid as per their recruit’s sales.

#2 – Sell a Book:

If, you identify yourself as a writer. Then, from your talent you can earn money by writing a book and selling it. Nowadays, there are many sites which allow us to upload an e-books and as many readers read, you earn money on the basis of its sales. Apart from this, we can sell our audio-books which help people to listen the whole book even when they are busy and especially it is best for blind people.

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#3 – Build a Website/ an App:

Build Mobile App

Are you a geek and love to code? If, you are proficient in programming, then you can build an app or a website and sell it to companies which can make significant amount of income.

#4 – Rent Dispensable Things:

See around yourself, got something that you do not use that much but you can give it on rent to needed ones. Things like car, house, television, etc. which we can offer to others and earn money.

#5 – Blog:

Does your blog attracts considerable amount of visitors and you want to earn some money?

affiliate marketing

There are ways which can opt for to generate some extra income by following ways:-

  • Affiliate Marketing: When you recommend or promote some product or services to your visitors. So, whenever a visitor buys the product, you get a special commission.
  • Advertisement: You can activate Google AdSense to start displaying ads in your blog. This is different from affiliate marketing because you do not have to contact the company to promote their stuff. Advertisement pay in respect to the number of views for the ad.