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If you want to add any media file to WordPress, there is no big deal. You have to follow few steps to upload a media file. It necessary if you make your website more creative and attractive. On WordPress, you can add images, audios, videos, pdf, and unattached files. They all use according to there needs so through this you can increase the effectiveness of your website pages, products, and blog easily. You can also share a media file if you want it. But many times some users hard to add a downloadable PDF to the WordPress website. So no need to worry about it because by using WordPress PDF plugins you can add PDF easily but you should follow some steps.

The uploadable part of any media is easily done and many people use its way to add media files into a WordPress website. We are providing you the easiest way to add images, pdf, audio, and video file using a few steps. Therefore, read all the steps and follow because it is the simplest way to add a downloadable option on your website.

Steps to add a media file to your WordPress

Follow these steps to make your website look perfect:

  1. Go to your website and open WordPress login panel,
  2. Type your Username and Password correctly,
  3. If you forget your password then click to forget the password,
  4. The password reset link will be received by mail,
  5. Check and renew the password,
  6. After login go to the dashboard,
  7. Click to media option of your dashboard,
  8. Click to the add new,
  9. You will see select files option then click it,
  10. Select your PDF file or any other media file you want it,
  11. Upload it when you find your PDF,
  12. Now your file is uploaded on WordPress to use.

These steps are simple and no one can be stuck. Therefore follow these points if you want to add a media file without any interruption.

Best Way to add a downloadable PDF to your Website

After you upload your media file some places need to create a downloadable option to get information about in detail. Like PDF you can include the most valuable point if you want to increase your email list. PDF or other media provide more effectiveness for your pages, blog, and products. Adding PDF helps you to gain user trust and make your confidence high.

Providing the downloadable option to your post is a more reliable way to help someone to get more information about the topic. It is important when your website is education-based and you can help the students to provide previews year paper. Many other reasons that helps a lot of visitors to your site so make sure about how to add a downloadable PDF to WordPress.

Here we also provide some most relevant steps that help you easily:

  1. Login to WordPress,
  2. Go to the Dashboard,
  3. Click on the Post menu then Add New,
  4. Write your content,
  5. After writing your content select a place,
  6. Highlight the text where you want to add download PDF link,
  7. You can also use the “Download PDF” text,
  8. Click on media uploader and select your PDF file,
  9. After uploading the file you will see a link on the right site,
  10. Copy that link and insert a link to the download text,
  11. Then update or publish your content,
  12. View the live URL and check the link on the page,
  13. Now you can click and easily download the PDF file.

These are the simplest way to add a downloadable link at your pages, products, and blogs. You can also insert the description if you want it. Because it helps you to define your PDF and what is the main purpose to add PDF.

By using WP Advanced PDF plugin

If you want to add PDF downloadable option by using a watermark, button, or others then you have to install WP Advanced PDF plugin.

WP Advanced PDF plugin

Buy using WP Advanced PDF plugin you can easily add a downloadable PDF to WordPress. So it’s up to you which one is better for you. Both are very common to use and no one can find any issue with that. I hope you will satisfy with those steps we are providing you. Follow these steps to add any media file on your website.