If you are in debt do not ditch your travel plans entirely. If you are fond of traveling but have been postponing the dates of jour journey every year so much so that the date never finally comes up, all you have to ditch your idea of staying in a hotel whole you travel and find cheaper ways to stay while you travel. This will cut down your traveling cost significantly and will also prevent you from taking on any additional debts by using your credit cards. Those are debts as well, remember!

There are lots of other unconventional ways to stay while you travel to save on your lodging expenses and it certainly is not by sleeping on the railway platform or on the bench of a park on a cold winter night. If you are ready to spend $50 or $20, you can find a lot of cozy and convenient places to stay. What is more, you can even get some places to stay for free.

If you do not know where to look for these places, this article will help you to do so. Once you go through it you will find it more exciting to look for such places instead of looking for debt relief options for you at

Short-term room rentals

This is an ever-growing popular trend that is a cross between homestays and vacation rentals for people who love to travel the world in debt and at a low cost. All you have to do is visit dedicated websites such as Airbnb and others to find a room that you can rent for the time of your stay.

  • Such rooms can be in someone’s house or a cottage, or even a private studio apartment.
  • All these come at a very low nightly rate of maybe $50 per night or even less.

If you want even cheaper options, consider renting a shared bath and a small bedroom.

Religious housing

Almost every place in the world has religious organizations that offer affordable lodging to travelers. Since their motive is not to make profits, you will get rooms to stay at dirt cheap price and sometimes even for free. Some places to look for include:

  • Convents
  • Monasteries
  • Christian guesthouses and lots more.

Depending on religion and place of travel, options galore are available which is why you are requested to dig deep enough. The internet will help you a great deal but you can also visit the website of the local tourist board as well.

However, be prepared that these places will be calm and quiet and will have few rules to follow for staying here. Therefore, avoid such places if you:

  • Are a party animal
  • Maintain an irregular routine
  • Have problems in following strict rules in almost everything
  • Are looking for luxury other than cleanliness and functionality in your room
  • Have kids who are hellions and used to running up and down halls shouting at the top of their voices.

Also, inquire whether or not the religious organization you choose allows unmarried couples to stay there are many that may not encourage living together.

Hostels and homestays

Hostels are the first thing that comes to the minds of people traveling in debt. Most commonly known as “youth” hostels, there is no such restriction in place here. Travelers of any age traveling in budget and looking for an excellent hotel alternative should try out hostels. If you are looking for cheaper options, you can try out a bed in a shared dormitory as well. Hostels are typically good staying options for people who are:

  • Unscheduled traveler or backpacker
  • Looking for an adventure
  • Does not mind staying in a group or plenty of company and
  • Interested to make their own meals in communal kitchens, if any

However, few hostels may lack privacy, safety, and cleanliness. Look for these aspects before you put down your backpack so that you do not end up staying in a sketchy hostel.

Homestays, on the other hand, will give you some sort of privacy even if it is considered to be the cheapest stays while traveling in debt and budget.  You may get a spare room to sleep or even a couch in the living room but in most of the time, it will be free. This is also the best way to meet, stay and get to know the locals. If you follow the motto, “life is an adventure” then homestays are ideal for you.

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before laying down your head on the couch. You must be:

  • Credulous
  • Trustworthy
  • Flexible
  • Friendly

Most importantly, you should not have any qualms to go through an interview process.

Other places to consider

There are also a few other places to stay apart from the conventional hotels if you want to save money and not take on any more debts.

  • If you want spacious rooms that are cheaper than hotels for your family, then vacation rentals will offer you unique and affordable lodging. You will have your own kitchen to cook and save hundreds of dollars on food bills on restaurants. However, if your vacation plans change to keep a cancellable hotel reservation ready because all vacation rental agreements are binding contracts.
  • Academic housing is another suitable option for budget travelers. These are offered by several colleges and universities when their students go home during the summer holidays. It will come with the very basic features such as the bathroom may be down the hall, rooms may be smaller and other but these are very affordable stay options.
  • One can also try out bed-and-breakfasts stay options if you are willing to share a bathroom that is down the hall but wants to enjoy the camaraderie and coziness of it.

You may also choose Farm stays or camping depending on your type of travel and wish. You may even use your home exchange network if you have to enjoy the luxuries of home while traveling in debt.