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Have you noticed that each room and indoor space has a different effect on you? Some spaces make you feel energised, while others make you drowsy and relaxed. Therefore, we must agree that the type of interior design affects your subconscious.

If you want to create an indoor space that is suitable for your mood and your likings, you need to pay extra attention to the interior design. How should you design the space so it has a positive effect on your mind and wellbeing? Here are 5 ways your indoor space can affect your subconscious and mood.

1. Make your space count

The way you use your indoor space can really influence your subconscious. If your room is small and filled with various and unimportant details that are just creating clutter, chances are you won’t feel at peace in that kind of the room. Clutter makes most people uneasy and anxious. So, what can you do?

You can get most out of your space by keeping it user-friendly. Learn a couple of tricks to visually enlarge your room. For example, instead of blank walls, install large windows and let the sunshine in. In addition to that, you can implement a large, full-length mirror in your room to make it seem larger. Besides that, make sure that the furniture you have is suitable for the room size. Don’t go for small furniture is large rooms and vice versa.

2. Reveal your personality through details

Believe it or not, your possessions have the function to reveal who you truly are. The way you fill and use your space can really describe you as a person you are. So, if you want to present yourself in the best light and impress your guests, make sure to choose adequate details for your room.

Besides paying attention to the way your furniture looks, make sure that they serve the purpose. Why would you buy a huge wardrobe that will take up more than half of your room if a smaller one can perfectly satisfy your needs? Similarly, you need to pay attention to the value. Is the item you’re about to purchase really worth that much? Could you buy something prettier or more useful for that price? The details and furniture you have in your home really reveal your way of thinking and the kind of person you are.

3. Different colours to evoke the mood

You’ve probably already heard that every colour has its meaning and the effect on your mood. The psychology of colour is a well-known discipline in interior design. Luckily, you don’t have to be a psychologist or an interior designer to choose a suitable palette for your room.

As you’ve probably guessed, colours affect how you feel on a subconscious level. Even though white seems like a logical choice for almost every room, use this colour wisely. It gives the feeling of tidiness and purity; however, it should be combined with other colours to avoid the sterile, hospital-like effect. For instance, if you want to evoke joy, use orange. However, this colour can make people feel overwhelmed, therefore, use it moderately. Similarly, grey is an ideal colour for relaxing your mind and body. It allows you to focus, so, consider using it for your home office.

4. Create a cosy atmosphere for relaxation

A home is a place where you can fully relax and rewind. However, if you create an uptight atmosphere, relaxing wouldn’t be as possible. Therefore, you should try to use the space you have to create the most pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for you. Where to begin?

For example, by adding cosy carpets and rugs on the floor, you’ll get a bit warmer atmosphere. Similarly, pay special attention to the cushions and pillows. Add enough cushions and pillows on your couch and bed, but don’t overdo it. That will create a mess and clutter. For complete relaxation, consider adding comfortable mattress toppers on every bed in your home. It will add a tad of luxury and provide you with a restful sleep during the night.


5. A touch of nature

There is no complete interior design without indoor plants. Take any famous interior design magazine, and you’ll notice that every room in the picture has at least one plant that freshens up space. So, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

Choosing the best indoor plants depends on the effect you want to achieve, the climate you live in and the time you have to take care of the plants. Just make sure you water them regularly. Dead plants may negatively influence your mental wellbeing, so, take care of your indoor nature.


The way you organise your space can really affect how you feel. Different colours, space and furniture influence your subconsciousness more than you think. If you want to design a beautiful and cosy home, follow these tips and create the space where you’ll feel most comfortable in.

In the world of business, staying afloat amidst a marketplace full of energetic competitors can be quite a tough prospect at times. No matter how tenacious and hard-working you are, sooner or later you will run out of juice and your concentration power will dimmish and the quality of the decisions you’re making will go down as well. Unless you exercise.

While at first exercising may come across as a waste of energy, working out is one of those magical fix-it-all activities that can massively improve the quality of your life whether you’re a carpenter or you run an IT-type of company. Exercising makes your body physically stronger, more agile, and quicker. Mentally, it helps ward off depression, boredom, sadness, and brain fog.

In this article, we’re going to explain how working out can make you a better entrepreneur. As you will see, businesspeople, in particular, can greatly benefit from picking up a couple of dumbbells now and again or hitting that exercise bike two, or three, times a week.

Here’s the deal.

Energy Boost

There’s a saying about entrepreneurs that claims something to the effect of ‘an entrepreneur is a person willing to work sixteen hours a day so that they don’t have to work eight’.Truer words have never been spoken. To pull off such a grueling work schedule, however, you will need a lot of energy, which you can procure in different ways. One of the most common crutches of many a working man and woman would certainly be coffee. While having a cup of coffee will keep you up for the workday, coffee doesn’t guarantee a decent mood or a productive mindset, both of which you will need to do your best while at work. This is where exercising comes in.

Even as little as a couple of minutes of exercising every morning can set you off in the right direction when it comes to how your day will play out.Since everyone is in control of their actions, doing a little bit of stretching and a couple of push-ups in the morning will also put you in a go-get-it mood for the rest of the day, so you won’t likely catch yourself complaining and lamenting over your destiny if something goes awry with the printing paper delivery that was supposed to be in this morning.

Stress Management

Speaking of the devil, unless you have the patience of a saint, you’re probably going to visualize doing violent things to that paper delivery guy, because you need the supplies he was supposed to deliver right now. That’s the thing with passion in the workplace – it can go both ways. Stressful situations are commonplace in the workplace, especially if you’re the boss and everyone’s looking at you for solutions. This is why having a valve to let the pressure out regularly is so important for your mental health.

The thing is, if your body is not where it’s supposed to be in terms of fitness, you will probably feel more sluggish while at work when everything’s normal. Imagine, then, the stress you would feel when something extraordinary and negative happens. When you’re fit physically, you start regarding problems more as challenges than God’s way of torturing you. So, instead of crying ‘why me?’ to the heavens every time the Internet is slow, or the government is about to introduce a tough new tax law, you can brave the new challenges head-on and resolve them before they can turn into a big thing.

Improved Creativity

While creativity is typically not seen as a category connected to physical fitness, exercising will certainly boost your creativity, if you keep doing it regularly. The thing about exercising is that your body releases serotonin and dopamine, both of which are responsible for elevating your mood and making you think in a more plucky, creative way. Also, there is another, more immediate effect of exercising, that you can feel as soon as you start running, or doing some other type of cardio. Moving your limbs while exercising will boost the flow of blood to all of your organs, including your brain.

So, after a workout, your brain will work better than before, and once the dopamine and serotonin kick in, too, you will have plenty of ‘resources’ to work with when it comes to tackling your daily professional challenges as an entrepreneur. One thing that should not be forgotten when it comes to exercising and improved creativity, is that many of the positive benefits of working out every day also have to do with your diet. Now, while exercise will be beneficial to you no matter what sort of diet you were on, you will get the best results out of exercising and then replenishing the lost energy with high-quality meals that include greens as well as meats, rather than just a bunch of fast-food take-outs.

Opportunity to Meet New People

… or at least get to know your employees a bit better.

In Japan, being fat and out of shape is illegal in most companies. Once a year, some folks would arrive at your company’s doorstep with a tape measure and a digital scale and then scrutinize yourself and your employees until they find the ones that are overweight and thus unhealthy. Since this sort of approach to tackling obesity may seem a bit rough to Westerners, what you can do is encourage your employees to exercise with you at a local gym, for example. You can treat your employees to a gym membership, for example, or invite them for an outdoor excursion such as a game of football or a mountain bike riding trip.

Outdoor sporting ventures, in general, can be great ways to socialize with other like-minded business people, which is why many entrepreneurs play golf and other sports when they want to talk to each other. This can especially be a smart strategy for getting to know a potential business partner. If you’re going to enter some sort of partnership with someone, it’s useful to know what sort of person they are, and a friendly sporting bout can be a great platform for this.

Overcoming Challenges More Easily

We have already mentioned that working out helps you tackle challenges at work more easily, but let\s reiterate it here as a part of a separate section of this article. What we didn’t mention above is that serotonin and dopamine are responsible for improving our mood, which in turn makes us more confident. So, it’s the combination of a strong body, good mood, and increased confidence, all of which you can easily procure through exercise, that you will be able to tackle the challenges at work with vigor and energy. All in all, working out is an activity that used to come naturally to all humans in the days of yore. It still does, but sitting in front of a screen for half of your day can blur the lines between reality and the virtual world, which can make us feel that exercise is merely a hobby we might or might not take up.

In reality, exercising represents an integral part of being healthy, and other than warding off many diseases, it possesses the magical capacity to help us excel at work and reach new heights in our professional life.