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The word ‘robot’ strikes like, this is what the future holds for us; well this future is not too far. The chores from our daily routine are complete because of these so-called robots. The artificial intelligence has taken up a notch by acquiring such inadequate task of our hands like parking. Yes, such as meager labor.

With an epitome in technology, we are in an era where our messages get typed without typing and the kinds of movies we like are in suggestions. This insurgency has made the choices very easy or difficult, depending on the situation.

Along with saving time, they have upgraded the living standards. With AI being a part of our daily life, we are already preparing for most of the things. How? By making the list, setting, and let Alexa or Siri or Cortana suffer while we relax. From academic work to dishwashing, AI helps us in numerous other ways. Let me break down the uses of artificial intelligence in our life.

AI Aid:

Google is the center of all our AI help. It has not only assisted us in traffic hazards to direction but, also to our grocery list to email reply services, we always have a back. Google and its satellite programs prepare us for block routes, re-routing along with time and authentic directions for our destination. The preprogrammed message services also termed as ‘smart reply’ save our time and the responders by instantly replying on messages so, no one gets to hang up. If a student is looking for world-class academic solutions, popular and affordable assignment writing help is a must to look for.

AI competent technology:

AI is the market buzz opting from Alexa to machines. These optimized programs are now incorporated in cars hence, self-driving along with parking are infused in these intelligent machines of the new era. Toyota, Lexus, Audi, Mercedes- Benz, Volvo, and Tesla are such dynamic machines that have the ability to reckon and learn in order, to navigate the driver. The future holds many more vehicles that will drive on their own. Thanks to AI technology.

AI recommendations:

Ever got some suggestions that come to our feed, shocking us? Well, these are through the AI technology, as it gathers all the data of your search, regardless of any website or social forums. It synchronizes all your cache data and retrieves it when it comes to search about it. It is no magic; literally, in the world of technology magic is another logarithm in your computers. However, this information is stored as history waiting for the right moment or search to show. It goes for any relative product for online purchases as well.

AI social media:

Similarly, our social websites are on the corresponding level of intelligence, the friend suggestions works under the exact logarithm when it comes to people. It makes it easier to find your friends and track down their locations. With highly efficient mapping in these social forums and its immaculate designing has made our lives easier and safer, when it comes to our loved ones. From finding a tweet to deleting a rude comment, our virtual world dance around our fingertips. The power it has to entitle us to create our own world where the people who we like and follow are a part of it strikes any ancient vibes from our decorum.

AI offline services:

Oh yes, some of our robots do not even need Wi-Fi to show off their skills and intelligence. Services like offline mapping, smart messages, and various other technologies have enabled our life quality. From AI washing machines with optimum water usage to an electric fryer, we departed ourselves to a futuristic approach. Many user-friendly appliances to cleaning machines simply poke us to say, ‘yes robots are our new maids’ and we call ourselves ‘the people of the future’.

AI is not just a part of our lives but also a very crucial identity in our homes. From helping us in the office to doing chores in home, AI has made life comfort in luxury. Though many of these things are so normal for us that we tend to forget that they are a part of a bigger and intelligent picture. Perhaps not a picture, but a memory that penetrates all the hard drives and Google drives, safe to download whenever we like to remember it.

The significance of this intelligence has organized our life for the betterment. We have benefitted from these luxurious machines in the sustenance of our lives; the question is, are robots going to take over the people and makes us slave? Well, let us see. Are we slaves now? No, we are not, and no matter how much these technologies evolve, humans will be the center of all these advancements and for a better tomorrow.