It is almost the mid of the 11th month of the year, November. And December is the upcoming and the last one. But the last always brings the best. And December brings the most awaited celebration of the year, Christmas. On this festival, people decorate their house with beautiful lights, props and of course Christmas trees. As this festival is the most global festival around the world, almost all the people around the world celebrate this festival it is the most beautiful festival of the world.

Here are 7 most fabulous decoration items to decorate your home on this occasion.

1) Christmas Flower Arrangement- Flower is one of those beautiful props that need no theme for the decoration. You can choose any flower to decorate your house on this occasion. It can be a mixed flower bouquet, or any single floral bouquet. But as this festival has two colors of red and white, you can choose flowers following that combination as well. You can order Christmas flower bouquets from online sites. There are varieties of flower bouquets that are available in affordable price on this occasion.

2) String up Bells- We all have heard the famous song ‘Jingle Bells’ from our very childhood. And we have noticed that no Christmas celebration is complete without decorating the tingling bells. For the Christmas tree decoration, the bells the twinkling lights and the small parcel boxes are must. But also besides that, you can string up bells around the walls, at the entrance of your party hall. If it is an outdoor party, then hanging the bell strings from the trees with entangled lights with them will be a beautiful décor. With the breeze, the tingling sounds will fill the cells of your celebration.

3) Christmas Wreath- A wreath is a very ancient notion of decoration for any occasion, including Christmas. History says, it is the first idea of garland. A wreath is made of strings arranged in round shapes with different decorative props on them. But especially the flowers and leaves are used for the decoration. A Christmas Wreath looks best at the entrance of the festival celebration door. But it can also look good around the Christmas tree. You can make small floral wreaths and hang them from the Christmas tree as well. This can be one of the best Christmas decoration ideas DIY.

4) Personalized Art- Everything that you do, is a kind of art form. From painting to writing to singing- even decorating is also an art form. It is never necessary that you have to follow other forms of decoration, you can always create yours. And the uniqueness that a DIY décor has, no other decoration can reflect such originality. SO, wall painting, quelling, paper-cutting, floral decors- everything that you do for the decoration of your party can be a personalized art and can be an amazing form of decoration.

5) DIY Candles- Christmas is the festival of lights, of happiness, of love and of kindness. Te epitome of love, Jesus Christ, who has said- ‘Love is God, God is Love’, is the one whose birthday the whole mankind celebrates on this day. The essence that a candle has is quite different from the electric lights. SO, if you are of that classic décor lover, you can choose and pick assorted candles to light your décor up .There are different shape candles, different essence candles and different scented candles. The eloquent light and the sweet fragrance will fill the essence of the festival to its fullest. You can send gifts online in cheap price like candles to your beloveds as well as Christmas gifts.

6) Glittery Christmas Tree & Baubles Hamper-Christmas is all about the decoration, Santa Claus and the Christmas trees. It is not necessary to keep the big tree always. You can get the glittery paper Christmas trees for your table top, wall mounted shelf, bed side table or any other place. There are many hampers available along with this glittery Christmas trees which are very attractive, affordable and beautiful as well. And they can be one of the most unique Christmas decorations list for home as well.

7) T Light Holder N Santa for Christmas-In the celebration of Christmas, Santa Claus can be anywhere; and he might not spare your tea cups as well. This cute Tea light holders N Santa are the most trending things in the whole world. They are small, cute, can be carried any time anywhere. It can be an amazing gift for the occasion of Christmas to your beloved friends as well.

Christmas has always brought happiness in everyone’s life. We all are busy in our lives, but we all manage time o celebrate this festival. Above are the best decoration items to decorate your home in this Christmas.