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Every apps are accessible and they are developed in order to help the people to navigate easily without any instruction. This is partially about developing on expectations irrespective of their platform on which they are built.

According to the survey, nearly 20% of the mobile applications are never opened once after downloading it. Hence first impression is very crucial to boost up the retention rates and also to stand unique among the competitors.

The following are the tips to develop a successful application by undergoing proper validation of usability on mobile applications.

Sketch a Mock-Up :

It is essential to sketch a outline of the project before planning to start the process of developing it. Because it is quite easy to identify and solve the problems when undergoing this process as it is quite simple to rewrite it than undergoing the redesigning process.

Validate The Interaction With People :

Ensure to observe and note the people’s body language. It is necessary to closely observe in order to get the better insights for the development of the project to attain a successful business.

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 Keep It Simple :

When the test takes longer, it will definitely become complicated as well. Hence validate with simple questions and provide rewards for those who attend this validation session.

Ask The Exact Question Precisely :

While undergoing this phase, observation must be your primary objective. You can also ask questions to get the clear understanding regarding the development of the project.

Do Proper Assessment :

You can collect data and plan according to it. You should always carry out processes so as to improve the project.  If needed, you can focus on getting feedback on certain areas and start processing to get improved results on those particular areas.

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Nowadays, people cannot do any tasks without the help of a mobile application like do you have somewhere to go? Then book a cab. If you don’t want to take a taxi and instead choose to by public transport, you still use Google maps application for the directions unless you are very familiar with the route.

The millennials and Gen z are accustomed to using mobile applications than the previous generations because technological advancements seem to be the ultimate goal of many companies and organizations. It is a fact that mobile apps have made people’s lives easier and enables them to do the bare minimum but get everything at their fingertips. It has helped to shape and transform on how the people were living.

The mobile applications are even moving to new heights by implementing artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR and VR. Some statistics on mobile applications revealed that customers are likely to download 258 billion mobile applications in the next three years all over the world. Also, there are many mobile application users than website users, and it is likely to increase in the future as well.

 Trendy Apps ideas in 2020

Here are some applications ideas that are trending in the year 2020.

Health and fitness

The health and fitness applications are thriving in this year of 2020. Many businesses are likely to develop and launch these apps because of the already tried and tested market. Even sport personals, sports brands and celebrities are starting their fitness applications. Today’s generation does not have the time to go gyms regularly because of their over the top working schedule or because of the usual busy routine. These apps are seeing the light because of its huge demand.

Travel planning applications

There are already so many travel and tourism-related applications in the market, but now it is the time for travel planning mobile applications where people can search for locations and organize and plan their trips. The app will take to the right locations and services that are available. These kinds of applications do well because of the people apparently love to travel.

Skill-based applications

Nowadays, people want to learn and study new things and develop new skills. Many people are even ready to pay for these applications if they seem to produce good results. It can be any skill or a hobby where people can interact and teach each other like painting, baking, coding, or how to install a cupboard and so on. These apps are fun and as well as educational to people.

Dating apps

There are only one or two renowned dating applications currently used in the market, but this is going to change in the future. Many businesses will want to invest in such apps because this is a new way of finding people with the same interest.

In conclusion, the year 2020 has a lot to offer in term of mobile applications, and there will be so many innovative and futuristic applications that will transform the ways of the living.

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Monish Sinthala is a creative and proactive entrepreneur and owns a mobile application development company called Pyramidion Solutions. He is actively involved in enhancing the company by extending to many services like web development and UI?UX designs, web apps, and so on.

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