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As per the WHO, the outbreak of Coronavirus has infected 267, 013 and taken lives of 11, 201 people in 184 countries across the world. The worst affected countries are China, Italy, Spain, and Iran with more infected and dead people. Coronavirus’ spread is on a fast surge and is making more people infected in a large number.

To contain the spread, the World Health Organization has advised people and respective governments to take strict measures. Governments across the world are sealing the borders and enforcing people to stay at home through complete lockdown. During the lockdown, everything, except essential services, like water, health, internet, and departmental store, is closed. Most of people are forced to stay at home and do their works from home. And till now, it’s not clear how long you have to be in your home.

In such a case, it is a natural query, how to stay safe and healthy while being at home all the time. Because being under the four walls doesn’t guarantee that you are safe from the infection of this infectious virus. However, some ways are out there that can make you sure about your health. Here are a few of them:

Make handwashing a critical habit

One who comes to deliver your ordered foods and provide essential services knocks your doors. It is possible the delivery executive is a

. He/she may leave virus on your door knobs and you may get infected if you ignore washing your hands. Ensure to wash your hands with a soap or hand wash liquid and water after touching door knobs or any outdoor objects. Do handwashing before touching your face and eating your meals. Handwashing is the most effective way to stay away from infection.

Disinfect everything in your home

Your cough or sneezing may leave droplets on the commonly used objects, like TV, laptop, tabletop, dinner table, chairs, and doors. You should disinfect the items that are close to you when you sneeze or cough. Disinfecting will help you keep safe your family members and you.

Do light exercises indoors

In the lockdown, you are not allowed to go for your morning walk and outdoor workouts. Instead of running/walking, you can perform yoga poses and meditation in the hall of your home. Performing yoga poses will help you being active and meditating will make you have control over your mind and body, leading you to stay calm in this stressful situation across the world.

Maintain a proper distance while being at home

To stay safe and healthy in today’s world, experts have advised social distancing, which you should apply when you are indoors during the lockdown. Avoid sitting close all the members of your family and maintain a proper distance. Instead of sitting too close, you can place your chairs or sofa with a distance of one meter (3 feet).

Avoid ordering foods online

In this critical time, you should take care of others, apart from yours. Prefer to cook your favourite dish at home and enjoy it with your family members. Prefer home cooked meals to avoid ordering online, as restaurants might not cook dishes well due to lack of staff in the lockdown time.

Bathe regularly and avoid using previous used items

In cold to comfortable region, some of people think there is no need to change clothes and bathe daily when they have to stay at home. You shouldn’t avoid changing your outfits and bathing these days that require cleaning to stay away from infection. Take a warm or cool bath as per your need and wash your clothes daily.


The current world is going through is a tough phase, and so, you need to be very careful for your safety and health even if you stay inside your home. Following these tips can help you stay safe and healthy.