Becoming an investor of any kind is a worthy endeavor, albeit a challenging one that requires time, dedication, and ongoing education to become lucrative to anyone who embarks on such a journey. It can be as risky as it is rewarding, and it can provide you with a strong source of income or become your sole way to make a living. Whether you’re merely a college student looking to invest in a cryptocurrency, or you’re a versed investor with a diverse portfolio, trading stocks is still a vital option for many novice and experienced investors across the world. 

Considering the health crisis that has enveloped the entire world, more people are getting curious about stock trading in particular. Why? Because stocks are one of the most stable and promising investments to help any professional expand their earnings and build a more resilient financial future. If you’re completely new to the stock trading venture, here are a few fundamental tips to keep you on the right track.

Look into your available funds

Many new investors leap into this promising venture believing that they should either go big or go home. Simply put, they believe that investing in stocks has to involve large sums of money from the get-to. Fortunately, you can learn how to invest with a limited budget on your hands, as well, as long as you have a clear overview of your investment potential and the market itself. 

A smaller budget means less room for risk and mistakes, but also more opportunity to make cautious, well-informed stock trades that will slowly elevate your investing potential. Then again, if you do have access to a large sum of money and you’re about to invest in stocks precisely to let that investment work for you – make sure to use reliable, trustworthy trading platforms and reputable brokers to help you spread out your investment in a sensible, profitable way.

Build a personal brand online

Even though you’re a not a professional investor just yet, and you have a long road ahead that will comprise mostly of learning and listening to established authorities in the world of trading stocks, you should invest in yourself, as well. After all, brokers and platforms aren’t the only ones in this equation who need to earn your trust – this effort needs to go both ways. That means that you, as an investor, require a professional, well-defined digital presence. 

You can start by building a personal website outlining your investing experience, your professional authority, and your interests in the market. You can publish your own content relevant for the stock market, and slowly grow your reputation in this industry. This will help brokers learn more about you as an investor, they will be more likely to trust you, and you’ll slowly establish a professional reputation that will add value to your stocks, as well. 

Aim for diversification 

On the surface, any investment can seem promising enough to inspire you to invest all of your assets into that one stock opportunity. This is often considered either a rookie mistake, or the freedom to take the risk for an absolutely professional investor. Since you’re just starting out, you should treat your investments much like you’d treat a pair of jeans: don’t buy the first appealing pair that you find. 

Do some digging, try more options, and read about each company and its stocks and its past stock fluctuations. Much like forex trading experts often advise their own investors to diversify, this is a key strategy for any investor for any market out there.

This is where your broker will help you, if you’ve decided to work with one, and if you have found reputable education resources for the stock market. As a newbie, you should find different companies that are considered low-risk and then allocate your budget towards several different stocks. That step alone will cut your risk, help you grow your funds, and learn about the investing process. 

Learn to manage your emotions 

If you’ve seen any given movie dealing with the stock market, the tension that such scenes build up on the premises of any trading company are excruciatingly real – the stock market can be fickle and different trends can cause stock market changes such as sudden drops and surges when you least expect them. As a novice investor, you will be taken by surprise far more often than you’d please. On the other hand, you’ll be doing your research online and making most of your decisions online, sans the stock-trading chaos of an office.

Despite it all, don’t underestimate the overwhelming emotions that can stifle your reason. That is why you should start small with your trading efforts and then take baby steps until you make any larger, riskier investments. This will be your learning stage when you slowly get to know the market, learn how stocks change their value, and learn to handle your emotions along the way. 

To summarize

The art of trading stocks takes time to develop, and even for the most brilliant of minds, there can be certain elusive trends that will make your decisions more difficult than they should be. Staying educated and well-informed is of paramount importance in this industry, and no matter how much trading experience you have, let’s say, in cryptocurrencies, you should approach stock trading as a clean slate. Embrace the learning curve and stay prepared with the help of these tips, and you’ll start growing your earning potential and your savings for years to come. 

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The cryptocurrency world is constantly changing and evolving with the prevailing market and consumer trends, but it’s also changing along with the blockchain trends that are highly-influenced by the current socio-economic factors on a local, national, and global scale. One of the disruptive factors that have definitely influenced the world of cryptocurrencies and that of blockchain technology is the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Along with COVID-19, numerous other trends have shaped and will continue to shape this industry in the months and years to come, and it’s the job of every business leader and aspiring miner or trader to educate themselves on the best ways to grow their businesses by leveraging these trends. With that in mind, today we’ll be going over the most important predictions for the future of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Bitcoin in the post COVID-19 world

During the coronavirus pandemic, the value of the bitcoin has been going up and down considerably, and even dropping as much as $3,000 US at the peak of the pandemic. That said, bitcoin is a resilient cryptocurrency, and as such, it has managed to quickly bounce back up to $10,000 US in a matter of days, prompting investors to continue to invest in cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoins as the leading investment asset for 2020 and beyond.

It seems that the global pandemic has had a major impact on the value of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular, with experts around the world predicting that the highest rise in bitcoin’s value is yet to come in late 2020 and the following year. This means that aspiring investors and traders should focus on bitcoin mining and trading this year in order to make substantial returns in the months and even years to come. 

Cryptocurrency adoption will soar

As the world moves away from traditional currencies towards a fully-digitized monetary system, there is no denying that companies, individuals, and entire governments will start adopting cryptocurrencies at a faster rate. After all, early adopters will always have a distinct advantage over the investors and business leaders that take their time adopting new currencies and payment processes. 

This is supported by the fact that modern consumers are increasingly looking for businesses and government institutions like the central bank digital currency that accept and handle cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of payment, which means that those who accept cryptos will have a unique opportunity to generate new revenue streams and future investment opportunities.  

Mining cryptocurrencies will remain lucrative 

Cryptocurrency mining has always been a lucrative field for aspiring investors and traders, but it also required significant capital investment in order to generate the desired results. What’s more, the running costs of mining hardware often prevented aspiring miners from making significant financial returns, as the power drain consumed significant financial resources.

Nowadays, though, innovative hardware like the new ASIC mining rig aim to eliminate these problems by focusing on power conservation and energy efficiency, while boosting the average hash rate and ensuring network stability and security. With new mining hardware hitting the market every year, investors can easily get into crypto mining and launch their solo or corporate mining ventures in 2020 and beyond.

Governments will start adopting blockchain technology

Dubbed as internet 2.0, the blockchain technology is the future of the digitized world, and governments around the globe quickly realizing the potential of this technology for various industries and sectors. Now is the time for investors to start focusing on improving and upgrading the blockchain technology to accommodate the needs of growing industries like healthcare, automotive, finance and banking, and more. 

Along with fast-growing cryptocurrencies to support its popularity and the industry as a whole, the blockchain is expected to enter the government sector in the years to come. While there are some risks that government bodies will try to assume control of the technology and its applications, the true decentralized nature of the blockchain will ensure that it remains a safe place for all. 

Investors and leaders will start creating new cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin might always be the most popular cryptocurrency out there, but it’s definitely not the only one worth investing in. Quite the contrary, in 2020 and the following years we will see a rise in new ICOs and cryptocurrencies that will gain significant value and recognition from the global business sector and individual investors. Now that there are more teams dedicated to cryptocurrency creation than ever before, investors will be able to pick and choose the ICOs with the highest growth potential to ensure a positive long-term ROI.

Wrapping up

While the cryptocurrency world has had its ups and downs since the start of the pandemic, there is no denying that things are looking up for 2020 and beyond. With these predictions in mind, you can make a sound investment strategy and choose the most lucrative opportunities to capitalize on cryptos and blockchain technology.

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