Kratom is a tropical tree associated with coffee and is Southeast Asia house-made. From the centuries, the tree leaves have been used as a conventional pain treatment. one method is to eat raw of the leaves but it is commonly grand and convert into a powder. Then this powder is filled in and made kratom capsules that are inhaled or soaked in teas.

Kratom is dangerous:

Since the people who use kratom, consider it very beneficial but the researches on kratom showed that it is more dangerous than potential advantages. In the United States, Poison control centers obtained approximately 1,800 reports of the persons who use kratom, and they died. And half of these died persons received negative results like blood pressure and seizures on the use of kratom. The number of infants was 5 out of 7 in which kratom was exposed as they were breastfed by mothers who use kratom.  There are a lot of side effects related to Kratom. These dangers are:

  • Weight loss
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting, chills, and nausea.
  • urine and constipation changes
  • Liver damage
  • Muscle pain
  • The mind and the nervous system are also affected by kratom.
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • delusion and Hallucinations
  • delusional depression
  • Breathing suppression
  • Coma, Seizure, and death

Kratom effect starts within five to 10 minutes after using and these effects remain two to five hours. As the number of kratoms is increased, the effects of kratom also stronger. Kratom affects animals more powerful than morphine.

A lot of complications that occur due to pain medications exist if these drugs are used at high doses for a long time. Still, it is not found exactly how much kratom is dangerous for people, but complications are produced because of an overdose of kratoms such as recreational drugs and pain medications produce. As kratom is used as a replacement for prescription pain medications like opioids by few people, some researches have shown its effect on the body.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not suggested kratom as medical treatment. Kratom has unfavorable reactions, particularly when used at high doses. These reactions contain tremors, psychosis, seizures, and many more side effects. There are classified ads in Pakistan in which it is informed that People having medical complications and taking medications face a higher risk of adverse reactions at the use of kratom. It is important to note that the FDA does not check or regulate kratom products for its purity or dosage.

There are few risks associated with various problems. These risks are:


Similar to hypnotic drugs, there are possibilities on the of kratom or when you buy real steroids online, or you overdose this product and usage particularly when taken over. An overdose of kratom results in large sedation and consciousness loss and this is found more conventional than other sedating drugs.


Diarrhea and nausea are exposed as kratom are used.

Kratom may be addictive. Addiction to kratom is dangerous and needs medical treatment to avoid this addiction. A person who uses the drug regularly can face the signs of complications like:

  • muscle aches
  • hostility and irritability
  • aggressive behavior
  • difficulty sleeping
  • a runny nose
  • nausea
  • yawning
  • diarrhea

it damages the liver:

some times kratom produces complications such as liver injuries. nausea, dark-colored urine, fatigue, itchiness, and jaundice are Indications of liver damage. If kratom use is stopped, people completely recover from liver damage.

It may cause Death:

Sometimes, the use of kratom can be the reason for many deaths. Further drugs like mood stabilizers and antidepressants also may be the cause of death.