Since there are a lot of agents working in the New York State, there are multiple reasons you…

People all over the world love the business of providing car-hire services. The reason is the acceptance level for using vehicles to travel in the cities. However, driving a vehicle for commercial purposes can create repair and maintenance issues for the vehicle. When a car is on road for most of the time, it will have dents and minor damages all around. To keep it secure and manage the finances for the maintenance, we recommend TLC Insurance NYC According to experts, it is essential if you are using your vehicle to provide car-hire services.

Why are we recommending TLC insurance instead of simple auto insurance? Well, it is the only insurance that addresses your purpose, as you need it to cover you and your vehicle fully.

While providing car-hire-services, drivers need to perform many tasks. They use apps for finding the client and his location, and when they find, accept the request. After that, they go to the specific location for picking up the passengers, wait for them, pick them up, and in the last, drop them to their destination.

During this whole process, the driver may face accidents, scratches on the car, and repair if it is required. TLC Insurance NYC jumps in when the driver faces these kinds of situations to help save money. When there is an accident, the passenger can face injuries as well. TLC insurance also deals with it.

What is TLC Insurance?

To understand TLC insurance, we need to know about TLC. It is an agency that is working with the name of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). It has the responsibility to manage all issues related to car-hire services in New York.

While talking about the providers, in New York, several types of agencies have been working for many years, and TLC takes the responsibility to protect the drivers and commercial vehicles by setting requirements for TLC insurance.

More importantly, this insurance is not available in any other city of the United States of America except New York. So, if you are providing car-hire services here, you are eligible to apply for TLC insurance.

Although many drivers do not prefer it, to avoid any major financial issue due to accidents, theft, or maintenance requirements, they need to buy it.

Some drivers may claim that they do not know much about it. To help them out, we are providing some details about TLC insurance.

If you are providing car-hire-services or helping the passengers use your vehicle as a fare-paying passenger, you can go for it.

In this way, you will protect not your and your passengers’ lives, but also manage repair and maintenance expenses.

According to the TLC insurance policy, as a driver, you ensure that all your passengers and vehicles will be safe, while on the roads. When a driver has this policy, first, he gets peace of mind, as he does not need to worry about the maintenance of the vehicle.

Moreover, in the case of an accident, he will not bear any kind of expenses if he or his passengers have been injured. Also, the insurance company will bear the expenses that are related to the maintenance and repair of the vehicle.

What coverage, an insurance company offers against the TLC policy?

In the case of having a TLC insurance policy, everyone who is attached to hire-car services will be protected financially. However, it does not mean that you, as a driver, will not be covered; rather their vehicle and passengers will get the protection.

It is also important to mention that insurance companies do not allow commercial vehicles totally to use personal vehicle insurance. For getting all the benefits of insurance, they insist you buy TLC insurance.

However, TLC offers you many types of coverage although it is additional coverage. It will cover you in the following situations:

  • In the case of damaging the property of the third party
  • In the case of passenger or other driver’s injuries due to you
  • To bear the medical expenses of passengers or other drivers
  • For rehabilitating the passengers and other drivers
  • To deal with the lost wages expenses
  • For uninsured motorist coverage


The drivers live in danger while on the roads. And, as commercial drivers spend more time on roads, so they are more on the go. Therefore, they should not leave TLC insurance at the back burner and buy it immediately.