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Technology can be of great help in connecting the masses with the world around. Foster care centers are resorting to technology as well.

Being an educationist, I get to visit an ample amount of foster care centers and schools. These institutions employ the services of ISPs with promotions like Spectrum Packages or the like to make Internet access easy for the students and kids. Here is how technology is helping the kids in foster care centers:

Easy Accessibility

It is a pity that almost 42% of the kids who end up in foster care, do not join a school immediately. This is because there are missing records accompanied by a gap in school attendance. And as the system of the school’s states, they cannot enroll a kid unless all the due paperwork gets submitted. Apart from that, there are also delays when it comes to transferring health-related records and other documents. Among the common reasons that contribute to foster children, missing school includes:

  • Biological family’s eviction
  • Moving from one home to a new one
  • No clean clothes to wear
  • Parental substance abuse
  • Becoming homeless

Whatever the case may be, the availability of technology makes accessibility of information easy for foster kids. They can choose to surf the web and educate themselves regarding anything they want. Because why should the kids suffer for the period that they do not get to go to school.

Not only this, but teachers can also send assignments to the kids online. This helps ensure that kids keep polishing their skills and do not forget what they learned in school. It makes it easy for the teachers to keep a track of the kid’s progress as well.


Technology is also aiding foster kids to indulge in research. Having access to the Internet enables these kids to search and learn about any topic that they wish to. Upon finding relevant information, it is at the kids’ discretion whether they want to keep it to themselves or share it with others.

Not only do kids get access to articles online, but they can also get encyclopedias, journals and an ample amount of books. This makes learning more fun and interesting. Moreover, the kids will not have to search for libraries to satisfy their appetite to learn. Everything will be available to them in their foster care center.


Technology can also help assist the not so privileged foster kids. Assistance over here refers to activities like reading the book aloud to a kid via a software. Because the foster kids spend much of their time away from school, inventions like these can be of great help to the kids.

It can help foster kids gain confidence in themselves. They can make up for the lack of reading and writing through such platforms.

Start a Blog

Foster kids often come from very depressed backgrounds. Under such circumstances, technology can help them to divert their mind. They can use the platform to start their blog. This will allow the kids to express themselves while also using their blog to connect to people.

This activity can prove to be fruitful as people suffering from the same issue can connect and maybe start their club. The options are unlimited. Like the blog can also be a platform that motivates other foster kids and tells them that they are not alone. Foster kids can use their blog to let their anger, disappointment, and frustration out through their writing.

Online Webinars and Training

This use of technology helps foster kids indirectly. The training and webinars are meant for the teachers at foster homes or the parents who are about to adopt a foster kid. If the teachers and parents-to-be take these training, they will be able to handle the foster kids better.

They will also be able to connect to the foster kids on a better level as the training will teach them a lot.

Use of Apps

To help create awareness among foster kids, teachers and parents alike, many apps are now out. For example, Focus on Foster Families. Such apps help to provide relevant information to the concerned party regarding foster life. These apps also include interviews that can be of great help to learn from people’s experiences.

Not only this, but you can also get access to legal, child welfare and education advice when it comes to resolving an issue. Availability of such apps is a blessing in disguise.

As I mentioned earlier that I am an educationist. Part of my job is making learning easy for kids. I take online classes where I teach foster kids regarding the concepts they need to understand with. I rely on Spectrum Internet Speed to help me through this. You can make your choice of the Internet in case you are willing to volunteer and help the foster kids.

In this online era, every e-commerce business growth reached a new level. And thanks to the marketing gurus who have introduced the best strategies to boost brand sales and to stay always on the top.

More vouchers, more happiness- a skyrocket strategy

Did you know?

In 1887, the Coca-Cola company distributed the first-ever coupon-the idea emerged by Asa Griggs Candler to promote his company. This unique tactic changed the game for the Coca-Cola Company and made it the number one soft drink brand.

With the voucher, customers could redeem a free glass of Coke at any dispensary. This encouraged consumers to buy more coca-cola, and between 1894 and 1913, one-in-nine Americans enjoyed a free Coca-Cola for a total of 85 lac free drinks. This is how the company and other brands realize how important the concept of voucher /promo codes would be in shaping the future of e-commerce. Now nearly every brand uses discounts or other promotional strategies to grow their businesses and boost long-term sales and profitability.

Of course, an easy and effective way to attract new customers is to offer exclusive deals in the form of vouchers/coupon codes that have taken e-commerce to the next level. But what is a great voucher? Great voucher is worded eloquently/attractively and has a short voucher code-customers often forget long codes: keep it simple! Furthermore, discount voucher offers consistently lead to more cart value and increase conversions, but if it really does offer a deal.

Characteristics of An Effective Coupon

  • Brand name: It has a brand name
  • Your contact details: Ensure your company name & address is available on coupon.
  • A well-crafted offer: An attractive offer is worth redeeming.
  • A legal note: Add a note, if necessary
  • Best possible product image: Put up a tempting or irresistible looking product image.
  • Coupon expiry date: Make time limit certain to allow customers to avail discounts and to reach the full potential of coupon campaign.
  • Tracking Code: It helps the company to measure the effectiveness of their voucher strategy.

Now, the question arises how e-commerce voucher turns out to be a game-changer?

1: Branding: One of the major goals of discount vouchers is to promote your brand and to gain more consumers. Discount coupons are like small advertisements but also the powerful one which you can spread and tap into.

2: Getting new customers: Naturally, those who love discounts are more likely to share those vouchers with their friends and relatives who further would like to forward to their loved ones. This helps the brand gain, new customers!

3: Retaining existing customers: Giving coupons makes the customer feel good and special and increases your sales in return. You can also appease unhappy customers by offering them a good deal.

4: Achieving sales targets: when you see a downward trend in your sales graph, offer some coupon distribution to boost sales. This strategy would help you reach your target revenue in the short term.

5: Clearing old stock: As a retailer stocking up more than required is your habit, but sometimes there are items of which you have loads of unsold old stocks. So, to clear this stuff, the brand can run a coupon campaign and ship at a discounted price to increase sales.

But before you introduce any deal, think for which purpose you’re going to use it?

  • To drive more sales?
  • To increase your audience?
  • To sell an unwanted stock? Or
  • If you need more followers and likes on social media?

The type of deals a brand could introduce is as follows:

  1. Percentage off coupons/ vouchers (e.g.20% off on purchase of Rs.5000/-)
  2. Free shipping deals (e.g. free shipping over Rs.3000/ purchase)
  3. Buy 2, get 1 free’ deals are incredibly successful.

Final thought

Vouchers/ Coupons are a powerful tool to boost sales and can offer great benefits for e-commerce business if they’re implemented right. Though shoppers now practically demand discounts and deals, they still find joy and happiness in receiving an exclusive offer.

If you’re looking for the best deals in town, visit best online shopping website. Get Daraz vouchers now by signing up for a newsletter subscription and save a good amount on your shopping.

Happy shopping!

You are accustomed to the usage of your familiar keyboard and features. And then comes a time when you have to say goodbye to your old laptop on which you used to enjoy cozy evenings.

I, too, had to give up mine along with my Spectrum Internet packages subscription… Because when I finally got one, I didn’t have enough money left to pay the monthly fee!

In case you have already decided to get a new one, here are some tips that can really help you out! (And save some of your hard-earned bucks too!).

Pay for Features You Actually Use!

Unless you have planned to totally spoil yourself with this new purchase, there is no need to go for fancy features that you rarely use. Also, most of the features are of no use to a normal everyday user. You probably don’t need a backlit keyboard or tons of storage space for office use. Not going for features like high-end graphic cards, extra SD card slots can save you hundreds of dollars. You just need a moment to think about what features you actually need, before making the decision for the final purchase.

Know What You Need!

If your work involves constant photo and video edits, you should go for something with a powerful graphics card. If you are in a line of work where you have to travel a lot, you should choose a laptop with reliable battery life. If you have to run complicated programs on your system, you need good RAM and CPU power. If you are a music junkie, you need a solid hard drive.

The point is, you don’t need all of these at a time. And by choosing wisely, you can save money on what you buy too.

Old is Gold!

When you have to buy a laptop for work purposes and can go for something less than fancy, buy an old model. Generally, computer manufacturing companies bring new models every six months. Minimal changes are made to the overall design, capacity, or features of the new model. But if you look at their profit margins, they are very high.

So what happens to the older models? Yes. You are thinking in the right direction. These models are available at the retailer’s shop, and at discounted prices even! Buying one of these models (the one with the right specifications) can help you save hundreds of bucks. And they are also as good looking as the new ones!

Go for a Refurbished One!

Refurbished products are those products that failed to pass the quality control checks at the manufacturing level. They are then rebuilt and are available in the market as brand new units. The retailers and manufacturers sell them at discounted prices. Mostly the discounts are as much as 25%.

Although, you need to be careful when buying a refurbished laptop. Warranties are often wavered off. Also, check if there is a minor price difference between the new and the refurbished one. You know what to choose then.

Look Out for Discounts and Sales!

If your buying budget is above two hundred dollars, even a discount of 10% can cut out a large amount of money. If you can wait for the sale time of the year. Or look out for launching dates of new products, as it automatically brings down the prices of the existing products. Keep tabs on the sites that offer half-yearly and yearly sales.

April, August, September, and November are the months of the year when you can see the prices going down as new models are released. Also, look for holiday season sales.

Pro Tip: students usually get amazing discounts and deals between July and September.

Go for Non-Manufacturer Sellers

It is good to buy from Microsoft, Apple, or Lenovo, but almost always, you will have to pay more than you would at a non-manufacturer outlet. Retailers like Wal-Mart and Costco often come up with consumer-friendly deals. Even Amazon offers great holiday deals to help you save. Not just that, there are plenty of other websites that sell laptops and their accessories at quite reasonable rates. If you are lucky, you can also find one worth buying on an auction site and save hundreds of bucks.

Use your research skills here. Search online till you get the price you have the budget for. Also, you can find authentic customer reviews to reconsider your buying choice. Be consistent, and you’ll find what you are exactly looking for.

Be Cautious!

Take care of certain things when buying from a retailer. Check for warranty details. Read out the details. This might take a few minutes but helps you in the long run in case something happens to your laptop after a while of using it. Problems usually show up within the first few months of usage. Last year I bought a new laptop and had my Spectrum Triple Play package activated too. After only a few days the modem became faulty. So it is important to make sure they have a sound return policy.