Hamzah Adil

Marketing on Facebook is essential. If you have a target audience in mind, they are probably on Facebook.
But with so many marketers competing for limited places on newsfeeds, you will need to be creative in the way you market your business on Facebook.

Here are some of the best Facebook marketing strategies that you can start capitalizing on today:

Use Facebook stories.

As attention spans continue to decrease, content that is shorter and more engaging will ultimately do well.
Stories work for a number of reasons.

First of all, they are generally short. Even people who don’t have time to follow their interests or personalities religiously wouldn’t mind watching stories on their way somewhere.

Another thing that makes stories appealing is that you can do a lot of things with Facebook stories. Ultimately, this depends on how creative you are and how well you understand your audience.

Ensure that your stories are different. Also, keep your audience tuned into your stories by creating shorter stories with cliffhangers right at the end.

You can also use stories to feature your brand’s workplace and the people behind the scenes that make running the business possible.

Create different types of content.

To make sure that you’re keeping your audience interested in your brand and online presence, you will need to create, post, and share different types of content.

Think about it.

You will be able to cover a lot more ground with different kinds of content.

For example, these days, video content is doing really well online. But what if you wanted to share a long-form blog post with your Facebook audience? Mixing in images is another great way to capture attention and direct eyeballs to your online brand.

Another advantage of using different kinds of content is that you will be able to appeal to people at varying stages of their buyer’s journey. Not everyone is going to want the same kind of content, so having a variety in the type of content you share is a sound marketing strategy for Facebook.

Also, another thing that a lot of people forget when mentioning that people should create video content is that it takes time. Creating any content that is decent and provides value will, without doubt, take time, granted that some would take more time than others.

Make sure to take in your audience’s opinion on whether they’re enjoying your content or not. You can do this via email marketing, live chat app, chatbots or even using a poll on Facebook.

So, mixing up content will not only appeal to your audience and keep them engaged, but it will also allow your in-house content creator to burn out.

Create a group on Facebook.

We all know how lousy organic reach is on Facebook. For the most part, Facebook or other social media platforms are becoming pay to play platforms. To keep your marketing costs down, you will need to be innovative and find ways to get reach without going over your budget.

One thing that you can do is to create a group on Facebook related to your niche and promote your brand there from time to time. Generally, groups that revolve around products don’t get the most engagement, so it might be a good idea to focus on an industry or a niche.

To get the most out of your Facebook group, you will need to ensure that it is moderated and only relevant, high-quality content is being shared. Sure, the occasional meme or two won’t hurt, but moderation is key here.

You will need to be creative in finding ways to keep your audience engaged and promote your brand online. Coming off as overly zealous in promoting your brand is not a good idea for most niches.

Ask group members to share relevant content. This will take some of the load off of your shoulders and give you the time you need to focus on other things.


Marketing on Facebook is something that all marketers should do unless there are blatant reasons why you shouldn’t. Even if you are not serious about marketing on Facebook, having a presence, there is essential if you want to establish your online credibility.

Finding the right marketing strategies for individual businesses to take time, but hopefully, these three will be enough to get you off of the ground.