Geeteshwari Chhoker, Author at Crypto Blog - By Cryptoknowmics

Geeteshwari Chhoker

The growing consensus among entrepreneurs and business leaders has established one thing- the future of blockchain technology will be much more than Bitcoin. Blockchain is anticipated to impact every business area and transform its operations like never before. Blockchain is transforming business by using cryptography to process and verify transactions on the distributed ledger. So here are five ways how blockchain is disrupting businesses and some of their core areas

1. Accounting

The transparency that blockchain provides makes all the transactions visible for approved users. Consequently, it decreases the auditor’s work when it comes to the sampling and validation of trade and lends them more time to focus on controls and examining anomalies.

2. Advertising and Marketing

Blockchain can help advertisers monitor and govern their budget expenses and keep track of the investment from the initial transfer of the media budget to the final publication. This would eliminate the possibility of overcharging and also rid companies of under performance, which is a direct offshoot of overcharging.

3. Human Resources

Often third-party companies provide inaccurate historical information about a job candidate or existing employee. The blockchain technology can bring about a significant reduction in such cases. This would be possible because blockchain would provide people with a higher degree of input and control over data, which multiple parties have already verified. Also, its impact on payroll suggests that blockchain is transforming business in many ways. Blockchain analysis will tell you that it is also bringing about significant changes in how employees save for their future or diversify their investment portfolio.

4. Information Technology and Cybersecurity

The blockchain technology offers an alternate way to record transactions or any interaction taking place in the digital space in a manner that is safe, transparent, secure, auditable, and highly resistant to outages. Thus, it provides a solution to protecting critical intellectual property. Also, it secures information that is sensitive to national security.

5. Management and Operations

Blockchain offers solutions not only for business areas that require high activity but also in other staid industries. Blockchain crypto news is replete with examples of how this technology is creating operational efficiencies and new opportunities in not just developed countries but also in emerging markets. Surprisingly, these countries were the ones whose political instability, hyperinflation, and rampant corruption have had a history of scaring away the entrepreneurs.


For most blockchain supporters and early adopters, the emergence of blockchain technology might seem a lot like the rise of Silicon Valley during the 1990s. The blockchain has potential similar to that of the Internet. Only imagination can limit its practical applications. Leaders who are not afraid of making strategic moves are already benefitting from the technology, which is how blockchain is transforming business.