Effective online marketing strategies and local SEO packages are two things that will help you dominate the SERPs in 2020. If you want to increase your revenue for the coming year, work on your budget. Here’s what you need to know to determine how much you should pay when you hire local SEO services in 2020.

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Fewer SEO Funds

Less than half of all small businesses allocate funds for an SEO budget. Out of those that do have funds for SEO, 17 per cent—the majority—spent less than $100 per month. You get what you pay for, though, as many of these companies find themselves dissatisfied with the results of their SEO marketing campaigns.

The Real Cost of Cheap SEO

Businesses that go for the cheapest rates they can find discover too late the real cost of cheap search engine marketing campaigns. They run the risk of getting their pages penalized by Google. If the penalty is severe enough, it could wipe out the site’s visibility on the Web, the Search Engine Journal says. You don’t want that to happen. That’s why it’s best that you steer clear of companies that practice cheap, black-hat SEO techniques.

Value of Cheap Costs

Low-cost SEO exists. But the best way to find local SEO services that fit your needs and budget is to look for companies that offer the best value for your money. Pick an SEO agency that will work harder for you than anyone else for a reasonable price and let that partnership grow from there. That will help you discover how much you should pay for SEO.

Look for a Reputable Partner

Find an SEO agency that meets your standards and expectations. For instance, look for a company with a local office. If the office has been there for years, all the better. When you choose an SEO firm, make sure it has years of experience in the field, Business says. That kind of expertise and experience add to the company’s credibility, performance, and efficiency.

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Consider the Factors

Several factors will impact the cost of the SEO prices you need. For starters, determine the position of your company against your competitors. Once you’ve determined the position, decide how fast you want your progress to be. If you want speedy results, your SEO partner will combine paid and organic search engine marketing methods to help you tackle the SERPs. Just beware of any other SEO firm that offers you results overnight. Anyone who works in the digital marketing space knows how long these projects can take. If the company promises instant results to walk away.

Know the Range

Consider the tiers and price range. You’ll likely find local SEO services charging the following rates:

  • $84 to $499 every year for automated local SEO
  • $399 to $899 for small scale to local SEO campaigns every month
  • $899 to $1,999 for comprehensive local SEO every month

These rates will vary, though, depending on the company you choose, your goals, and the changing needs of your business.