With more and more Android users on the rise, there is an urge to download a YouTube downloader for an Android platform. Let us now go through some of the popular video downloading apps on the Android platform


For downloading Youtube videos this is one of the popular video downloading apps. Even in the app stores, it is one of the frequently searched apps. The users are allowed to download videos on to their smartphones with high quality and fast speed. It is not only downloading videos from Facebook but from a host of other sites as well.

It provides an apt choice to download the video directly as an MP3 file if you opt for audio and not audio. When you install this YouTube Android video downloading the app on to your smartphones, you have to be careful about the permissions you are going to grant, as safety ceases to the main criteria.


It is a minimalist, as it can be observed from the simple interface since all the features are arranged in a brief way. Despite the numerous ads present it goes on to provide a good user experience. Most of the operations are straight forward and anyone using it for the first time would have minimum hiccups. Simple as it may sound, it goes on to do a great job when you are trying to capture videos from YouTube with different formats or resolutions.

This app is fast and secure. You can save videos in multiple formats at different resolutions. Always go on to download this app from the official site.


As far as saving videos on your smartphone is concerned, this is an app that cannot be ignored. It provides users with an opportunity to download videos from YouTube at the highest quality. In order to make it easier for the users, the contents of the app are classified by coming soon, popular, top-rated and new releases. Just you have to download Vidmate 2018 as an apk file.

Not only this, YouTube app also has an ability to download, resume or pause videos as per your preferences. Since the downloading process takes place at the background you have the provision to use other apps at the same time. A series of steps have to be followed in order to download this app on to your smartphone.


YouTube is rated to be one of the popular video downloading sites as it can provide videos of different resolutions. It is also a great source of video along with games and other sources of entertainment. With so much content available on YouTube, there might arise a possibility where you want to download one video.

But this is not possible as YouTube has restrictions on its download options. Even any app that is available on the Google play store to download has been removed as it goes on to violate the terms and conditions of YouTube. There are various 3rd party apps that make the task of downloading videos an easy one.