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David Harrison

According to the statistics, the beauty industry has shown staggering growth in the recent past. And this trend isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, the growth of the worldwide cosmetics market is expected to reach $805.61 billion mark by 2023. So it comes as no surprise that both big and small brands are keen to jump on the bandwagon. Thanks to our obsession with cosmetic products, the demand continues to grow which is paving the way to success.

However, this doesn’t mean anyone can introduce their own array of cosmetic products. Though Vloggers collaborations are prevalent these days and we can see more makeup items on retail racks than ever before, a winning idea isn’t all you need to succeed in the beauty industry. Also, having a high-quality product isn’t enough. You also need to label and package your goods in a way that’s both compliant with the regulations and appealing to consumers.

It may seem like a tall order to many who wants to start in on a new business. But, here we will reveal some important points that’ll help you make an informed decision when deciding on your Custom cosmetic boxes packaging, label design, marketing concepts, and overall branding before launching your cosmetic line.

Define Your Target Market & Brand Personality 

Before you set out to finalize the details of custom packaging and labeling, you need to focus on who your customer is, how you can meet their wants and needs, and what would be your brand messaging. By defining your ideal demographic, it becomes easier to carve unique packaging and labels concepts that instantly grasp customers’ attention.

Whereas focusing on the brand identity will ensure your designs are in line with your messaging and branding. This will increase the perceived value of your products and assure customers what your brand has to offer to them. However, if you haven’t got a clear picture of these points, any custom cosmetic boxes or labeling you design may look frenzied.

So before you delve into product packaging and labeling, ensure you are targeting the right audience and reflecting the true essence of your brand.

Choose the Best Cosmetic Boxes and Labelling Options

If you have ever browsed the cosmetics or personal care aisle in a retail store or pharmacy, you probably know how much variety is there in terms of bespoke packaging and labeling. To accomplish this task, you need to determine which cosmetic box best fits your product and can be properly labeled. Here brand, product identity, and industry compliance play a key role, besides customer preferences.

Knowing which custom cosmetic boxes will serve all the aforementioned needs will take time. Also, there are different types of labels that can be used to market these kinds of products, like tamper-evident labels or foldout labels. Think prudently which type of labeling will meet your priorities head on and gain the services of the best custom packaging company in the US, like The Legacy Printing to get the variety you need. Especially, if you need to market several products.

Follow Claims Handling Requirement & Guidelines by State

Cosmetic product labeling is monitored by the FDA, which means you need to include claim handling requirements and guidelines by the state in order for your brand to be compliant. Though 75% of the buyers acknowledged they will research and buy a product over the internet if they are unable to find the pertinent information in the store. Since FDA has ensured that customers can obtain as much information as possible during their shopping journey.

You need to include all the important information like ingredients, contents, warning statements, and more. In addition, you won’t mind including provable certifications like vegan, cruelty-free, etc. on your bespoke label to convey important information to buyers. Remember, no matter how much work you have put into creating cosmetic packaging and labels if you do not include all the essential information your efforts will go in vain.

Why? Because FDA will take regulatory action against your brand if it finds your products non-compliant. But keeping the aforementioned tips in mind prior delving into packaging and labeling for cosmetic products can save you a lot of time and hassle.