Lip exfoliator is an amazing product that repairs dry lips, removes the dead skin, leaving the lips smooth and moisturized. The exfoliators are becoming one of the must-have cosmetic items and many brands have introduced them with slight formulation changes. The product has lipstick like packaging and is available in various flavors online and in stores.

If you have a signature lip exfoliator range that you intend to make worth noticing and buying for a wider target audience, personalized packaging is likely to expedite the endeavor. Having custom cosmetic packaging that is entrancing in appeal and has all the striking benefits of this lip care item highlighted in it in a compelling manner is likely to leave a lasting impression.

You can make this product a hot seller by pitching it through winsome custom boxes. Have a look at the packaging ideas of your competitors; come up with something different and inspiring to keep the shoppers hooked to your lip exfoliators.

Here are the essentials of customizing packaging for this cosmetic item!

Add a Marvy Appeal to Custom Cosmetic Packaging Box Design

The artwork of your packaging is vital for making or breaking your brand and product’s impression. The design of your boxes for lip exfoliators should be insignia of your cosmetic business and the product features and benefits that you want to promote. You can use a simple yet gripping packaging layout with pictorial and text details that persuade the potential buyers into trying out the product. Use a classy color scheme that makes your logo and tagline to pop on the packaging. If you have a reliable printing vendor, seek professional design support to revamp an artwork idea that you like.

Make the Potential Shoppers like your Product through Packaging

Lip exfoliator is a product that every other customer would need, it is more of an everyday cosmetic that a student, working lady and stay at home mom will like to have. You need to market it smartly through cosmetic box packaging. Use pointers and fewer words to explain why this product should be added to the everyday grooming routine. What are the ingredients that have been used in this cosmetic item? What is the net weight of the lip repairing stick and what is its expiry date? You should provide this information on the boxes as it is likely to help a consumer making an instant buying decision.

Add Finesse to your Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Customers like products that are packaged in finely finished boxes. Having durable packaging for cosmetics is essential to retain their texture and quality. Lip exfoliators are likely to get broken if they aren’t packaged properly. Talk to your printer about the stock and customization options before choosing a combo. You need to get an overview of the latest cosmetic packaging trends to get an insight into what kind of finishing options should be selected for lipsticks, lip balms, lip exfoliators, and similar items.

Storage instructions and other details about a cosmetic product should be clearly mentioned on the boxes. If you have organic and cruelty-free skincare and makeup range, bring this in spotlight through your ad campaigns and packaging. Boxes for lip exfoliators should have consumer support contact details, especially if you are about to introduce new product collection, it is important to provide proactive assistance to shoppers for addressing their questions and concerns.